Unknown and Alone

She sits on the curb

Her head bowed down

Playing with rocks at her feet

Ignoring passersby.

Stringy brown hair

falls down to cover her face.

A protective curtain

To make her invisible.

Time passes by as she sits

No one notices her leave.

Heading in some unknown direction

To find a temporary home.

No one can tell you her age

Life has aged her beyond her years,

A smile is foreign to her face

Tears her nighttime companions.

Her family abandoned her,

Strangers disappoint her.

A wall is built around her,

Protected by being alone.

Is there any hope left

For this lost, lonely child?

She feeds a stray puppy her stolen food

Deep inside, a heart still beats.

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mareezy13 profile image

mareezy13 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

Wow this is a great post, so filled with emotion.

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