Love can't be lost

that is denied.

Fate may be cruel

but not defied...

The heart pursues

what it cannot hide,

intent to merge

upon collide.

All is not

so cut and dried.

Requited love

May not abide.

Tears then flood

from damaged pride

Rejection, thus,

In sorrow cried.

Love can't be lost

that is denied

Fate, though cruel,

won't be defied...

"Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved."

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Docmo profile image

Docmo 6 years ago from UK

Beautiful words, my friend. Thanks for sharing, and so much truth in what you say... well done.

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 6 years ago

Lovely poem to describe Unrequited Love so beautifully...Thanks for sharing.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

Docmo, your comment means the world! Thank you!

b. Malin, it truly is my pleasure and honor! Thanks for stopping by!

Cracknutcase profile image

Cracknutcase 6 years ago from India,bangalore

U r so right, dear! Love can never be lost, no matter what.. Beautiful poem with a nice flow :)

Keep up the good work!!

K. Burns Darling profile image

K. Burns Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

Hauntingly beautiful! Great job! I am looking forward to reading more hubs by you!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

cracknutcase, thank you kindly!

K. Burns Darling, Thank you,for your lovely comment!

am@n profile image

am@n 6 years ago


No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

Thank you, am@n!

justom profile image

justom 6 years ago from 41042

Nice!! Peace!! Tom

suzzymilkmaid profile image

suzzymilkmaid 6 years ago from pennsylvania

Wonderfully written!! Unrequited love can be lethal.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

justom, thanks!

suzzymilkmaid, thanks for the read and lovely comment!

vrbmft profile image

vrbmft 6 years ago from Yucaipa, California

I enjoyed your poem. I read them outloud. It helps. It is difficult for me to hold on to one of my beliefs because what feels like rejection is so painful. My belief: The love that stirs inside of me comes from inside of me and is there whether or not the stirring is ever received. I guess that is what you are saying. It seems so much more wonderful when the love is received and taken in and shared, but if not, it is still love. And is still precious and deserves to be owned and cherished by the lover. Here I go on and on talking about it and you said it so succinctly in a poem!!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

vrbmft, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this poem...unrequited love is a painful thing, indeed, but no less valid in the heart where it is given birth. The truth of it is that it is for love that we are designed and fashioned...without love, there is not much meaning and purpose in life. Again, thank you!

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana

beautiful. i love the first line. true if u think about it. u cant lose something you never had.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 6 years ago Author

Nikkij, exactly. I wasnt sure that was clear...the whole poem is about not losing something you never had, but feeling the loss all the same. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I now know that the message got through!

opusmith profile image

opusmith 5 years ago

You write that love can't be lost that is denied, yet if it is in the heart of only one person, and that heart is denied a chance to share its feelings with the other person, then to me it is a love that is lost, lost to the person who found it in the first place. I don't know if this makes any sense. I truly enjoyed and identified

with your poem.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

opusmith, I think perhaps you are correct...unrequited love is love, nonetheless...maybe i need rethink this one...I appreciate your read and thoughts!

opusmith profile image

opusmith 5 years ago

Rethink away but never change it, it is word perfect.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Thank you, opusmith...every once in awhile I write something that I have to rethink...and that is part of the benefit of writing...self-discovery and learning! I appreciate you!

gabriel blackpaw 5 years ago


If you were on Peyote

the sky would become a river

as the stars drown me

swimming is a seizure

i would meet my G-d, Coyote

If i didn't love you

there's no vision Peyote

no G-d Coyote, true

my life with purity

no you say we're through

The sun shines at night

i swim the pavement

peace and love fight

animals seek judgment

plants are in flight

Nothing is without Love

prick me i will not bleed

i'm nothing a zombiedove

no heart to be freed

dead to heaven above

Angels greet you at the gate

you're freed to soar high

your decision no mistake

no more tears to cry

your destiny my fate

Tied to dangle i'm bait

food for the Serpent G-d

zombiedove he'll take

my day is black as sod

new beginnings too late

No_Clue 5 years ago

gabriel blackpaw, thank you and WOW!

gabriel blackpaw 5 years ago

yep no problem, i feel the pain in the words that came through your poem, i had this poem come to me several weeks ago, and yea it's part of the solution that leads to recovery, and so we must write!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

How deeply thoughtful and touching, fascinating poem. I actually spent some time thinking through it, it has a lot of deep meanings, sort of philosophical to the core.

No_Clue 4 years ago

BeyondMax, as I recall, I was in a pretty philisophical state of mind when I wrote this! As always, I so appreciate you!

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