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In the previous article or hub, it was mentioned that spending some time during your break is a great idea to do your writing. Not only it saves you time but it also saves you a bunch of work for your writing project. The same applies if you will be doing this during your lunch break. Not only that you are being productive by working on your writing during your lunch break, it also allows you to finish some goals and tasks that you have set up as a schedule in your writing project.

It would be nice if you would work on your writing rather than staring out the window waiting for your lunch break to be over and go back to work thinking of another set of stress to overcome while being in the actual work field. Writing relaxes the mind of a writer since writing is our passion. We are enjoying the things we are doing as long as it involves writing.

In this article or hub, I will be providing some things to be done when you are planning to do your work during your lunch break. There will be useful writing tips that you can apply that I will be including on this article or hub. I encourage you to read more and apply it on your writing as well.

Talk to people

Talking to people allows you to gain ideas that can be used in writing. Not only socializing with friends and co-workers are the benefits that you get while talking to other people but you also get to have the chance to improve on your writing. Socializing is one of the best ways to gather ideas and inputs that you can apply on your writing and this is done indirectly while you are on your lunch break. Most of the time people talk about their encounters on their work while having lunch. This is where ideas are being gathered. All you have to do is to take note some ideas that your co-workers will be giving out and compile it later during the weekends or during your scheduled writing time.

Not only ideas are gathered while talking to other people during your lunch break. You can also get characters from real life person that you converse with. Let us say that the person you are eating with at the cafeteria happens to have good traits that can be described as one of the attributes of your characters. These characters can be used in your story or your novel and this solves your problems when every time you are having difficulty creating your characters. Creating characters is one of the toughest things that writers encounter whenever making a story or a novel. The point here is, why would you create one if you already have a character in real life that you can transfer in your writing? Sounds like a good idea right? And this can be done while you are having your lunch.

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Write a draft

Writing a draft is also one of the things you can do while waiting for your lunch break to be over. Face it, writing drafts are difficult and it consumes our scheduled time on our working hours that is allocated for our writing. To avoid this time consuming process, try to do this during your lunch break. In work, most people are given an hour to have their lunch. Finishing your meal can take fifteen to thirty minutes and that time is already a huge amount of time to come up with a draft to be used in your writing project.

Drafts can be so difficult to accomplish especially if you have an empty stomach. It is more difficult to think and come up with ideas if your time is limited bundled with hunger. Try to notice; if you have a full stomach, the more you are relaxed and the more you can come up with ideas that can be used in creating a draft for your story, novel, articles or poems. Creating a draft would be nice and this is one of the things you can do on a regular basis after having lunch. All you have to do while you are at your house doing your writing project is to apply your created drafts in your writing.

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Make a list of topics to write

If you have no ideas on what to write, try to come up with a list on what to write for later writings. Any topic would do to avoid wasting your time thinking on what to write during your regular schedule in writing. Think about it; while having your regular schedule in writing, you consume valued time in thinking on what to write. But if you already have a plan on what to write, you will easier time writing and coming up with a piece of art.

Creating a list on what you can write can be done in as short as five to ten minutes. This is enough time for you to come up with topics that you can write about especially if you are an article writer who mainly focuses on things that people are interested in reading. Good examples of topics that you can plan during your lunch break would be product reviews, tutorials on “how to” topics that people often look for in the internet, and many more. There are so many things that writers can write about and this works hand in hand in creating a draft on hot to write the topic while waiting for your lunch break to be over.

Practice the habit

In the event that you already got used to this practice of activity during your lunch break, do this regularly to make it seem less. Making it look seem less makes it easier for you to do a lot of work during your lunch break. Either coming up with drafts, creating your characters, thinking of topics to write are all good ideas. Practicing this habit enhances a lot of skills in writing. Example of which is it enhances your creativity and active thinking whenever coming up with drafts and creating your characters. It also enhances your memory every time you are gathering ideas from the people you meet and talk to during your lunch. Good word choice and word usage are also being enhanced every time you try to think and describe the person you met during your lunch break. I encourage you to do this task during your lunch break to enhance different skills in writing.

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A person’s lunch break is one of our valued times doing our leisure. Before I end this article or hub, let me just reiterate that maximizing your time as a writer is one of the best skills that a writer should possess. Time is among us and it is one of our arch nemeses when it comes to writing but possessing good traits or skills as a writer can overcome this enemy and this is done by good practice in enhancing and mastering certain skills that is a writer’s arsenal when it comes to writing. The more skills a writer learns the more he should try to practice and enhance these skills. The more skills we have the better chances we have in doing our work and finishing our writing project in a timely manner giving us more opportunity and enjoyment in life every time we create something through our writings.

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