I'm dreaming of TRUFFLES!!!

Yes it is true, but this is the FIRST gift that I would want to receive from someone who loves me and likes to see me act like a child with one of these in my stratosphere! Yes this is true and for those few who know me really well they also know that I love pretty boxes! Whether they are just presented in a different way or they have a box that looks like it should win awards, I am usually VERY happy and keep them to put other little treasures in. AMEN for Truffles!!!

Beverly Hills...

You have to admit that if you received a box of truffles from a Beverly Hills chocolate maker you would think that it is EXPENSIVE. Well it does cost more money then some regular commercial supplier, but boy is it worth it! Also it is a great way to buy something "different" and between this place and also Teuscher Chocolates & Cafe on Brighton Way, you can't really lose! You can also order on-line from both places! Happy Valentines to ME! ha


Great DEALS on-line! ORDER EARLY!

Harry & David have always been my place to go to if I want something decently priced with lovely presentation and taste. I usually order their fruit, but I have tasted everything in their store and it is amazing! The other good thing is that if you wanted to buy something for someone who can't have the sugar, there are other treats to choose from.....They are having a great on-line deal right now but not sure how long it will be there. But even their regular prices are not that bad.


Baskets Are Great For Everyone!

I have ordered many baskets for different holidays from the company I mention above. Sometimes I have sent them to family or a loved one to enjoy on the actual day. Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas or just a "special gift" to let them know how much I love them. That is why I send gift baskets. This company is priced really well and I have been very happy with the quality of the baskets and their prices. I have even ordered them for a weekend treat to share with my kids and friends. There is a cool Starbucks basket too for coffee lovers!


I think if a man just goes and gets red roses from a store that is nice, but wouldn't it be even NICER if you knew a little bit more about FLOWERS?! I'm saving you the hassle and putting a link here to make you seem like the most ROMANTIC MAN in the world! How about actually knowing the "meaning" of different flowers? This link below will tell you about the best Valentines flowers to get your love. Maybe mix it up a bit and tell her about a few different one's. Start taking notes! ha




A lot of women expect jewelry and sometimes it just is not in the budget, but it doesn't mean you can't try to find something "special." A lot of pawn shops have older rings, some of them are antique. One of my favorite gifts to this day is an antique ring that a childhood love gave me from the 1920's. There are also a lot of cool "book boxes" on the market now. They are not too expensive and perfect for you to put a little surprise in it. Maybe a lovely poem perhaps? Or maybe an antique gift in it too? Even better if it is lined with velvet!

Have fun and remember Valentines Day is really about LOVE. The rest is just "frosting on the cake."

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nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 4 years ago from Southeast USA

some great suggestions.

btrbell profile image

btrbell 4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

Well, my mouth is watering for truffles! Great, fun hub! Thank you!

carter06 profile image

carter06 4 years ago from Cronulla NSW

This is a lovely hub with some great choices for for that special day...cheers

drbj profile image

drbj 4 years ago from south Florida

True, GPage, we often forget that Valentine's Day is really all about love. And truffles are really lovely! Any day!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

nancynurse...thanx for stopping in! Best, GPAGE

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

btrbell....go and get some now!!! I just ordered some from local coffee shop......Best, GPAGE

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

carter06...So glad you enjoyed this! Nice to see you here! G

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

drbg...Yes! Truffles for all! LOVE is grand especially with chocolate around! ; Best, G

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 4 years ago from North Carolina

And it's also true you made this fun to read GPage! Truffles are the way to go when one aims to surprise that special someone - and a box of truffles from David & David via Hollywood should really make the date. O yea G, got a feeling your gonna have a very fine Valentines!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 4 years ago from California Author

Hey Alastar! Just saw you here! How are you?! I hope you have lots of chocolate this Valentines Day! You are right....I'm looking forward to lots of delicious truffles! And LOTS of flowers too!! Glad you enjoyed this!!! Best, G

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