Vagabond's Song

Vagabond's Song

One time, on a beach, in the sunny south,

A friend’s birthday party was getting rained out.

We sought refuge under the gazebo’s shade,

While the palm trees began to wave.

Here came a homeless couple, seeking the same shelter,

From the common sudden onset pelter.

They had barely more than a blanket and a guitar,

And the clothes that they wore,

And other than that, they didn’t look very far

Into their future, they just didn’t care,

Where they were going or how they would get there.

He gazed into her eyes as his fingers played a beautiful tune,

As the rain tried to ruin the afternoon,

But he sang over the beating of the rain on the roof,

A song that I cannot remember, but will never forget,

A song sang to a blushing brunette,

Who smiled lovingly at him, ignoring the storm’s cold blows,

Letting her body move with the musical flow.

It was cold, but they didn’t care to go inside,

And even though neither one had a dime,

Under the sky is where they wished to reside.

Their eyes never left each other, as they sang songs of love,

And she danced with a freedom I could not conceive of.

They were like a warm beam of light in this cold, uncaring world,

And she smiled and told me I was a beautiful girl.

Those words I’d heard before, but somehow seemed new,

For it was coming from a place of honest truth,

And it succeeded in cutting right through a shell I had grown,

From roaming myself from home to home.

Deep inside, I felt connected to these vagabonds.

There was something inside that desperately wanted to tag along

Just leave it all behind and become a Kerouac of modern times,

Mind overwhelmed with the things I could find.

I let myself get lost in his melodies,

Hearing his voice and the wind wrap around me,

The sound of the rain pattering onto the beach,

And the low hanging clouds putting the sky seemingly in reach,

The beauty of the ocean and the storm that raged in the sky,

Exhilarated me, and I knew exactly why.

My soul was dancing with them, with their love and peace,

My heart beat with the cadence, and came out through my feet,

And I swayed, feeling as if I could die in that instant,

And be forever free, a part of that beach,

Away from all of harm’s reach.

A part of that day,

Forever that way.

A rare day of light

In the black of my life,

A blackness that stole me and lingered too long,

A darkness that grabbed me and strung me along.

That day was so many sunsets ago, but it’s clear in my mind,

And it’s one of my favorite memories to unwind,

And play over again while on the sit on the rocks,

Of this East Coast beach where I have been brought.

A song I can’t remember but have never forgot.

I could never thank them enough for that one day

When just for a few moments, things were okay,

And through the rain the light warmed my face,

And I was taken away to a different place,

Where I connected to all and nothing mattered,

And though the illusions of those days have been shattered

Since then, I still hold the memory close,

Singings songs of a beautiful ghost.

It revives me, and I know,

That I have to make the most

Out of this one chance that I have to make it

I have no other choice but to take it.

I can no longer just sit in self-loathing and regret,

All the things that could have been, I just try to forget,

About the way the world has become,

And the millions of ways it can all come undone.

So I do what I can to get through the days,

Even though inside, I sometimes daydream of ways

To just do the unthinkable-up and disappear,

Ending up on a beach far away somewhere,

Strumming a guitar and singing a song,

I believe I could sit there all day long.

And I’d be content, because if I ever grew tired,

And the beauty of the oceans waving expired,

I could just get up and move along, a vagabond,

And find somewhere else to sing my song.

Barrett 2008

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ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 3 years ago

Perfect ! Isn't it funny how we will remember one incident in a day , one encounter , one song or melody ! And something connects ! It just connects . Nice write !........Ed

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Thank you so much for the kind words. It is amazing that a moment can last forever in your mind. I still to this day wonder about those people, and that was over ten years ago.

snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 3 years ago from Canada

bizarrett, I love your Vagabond's Song. The rhythm of the lines reflects the rhythm of the ocean waves, and the song that is played that you can't remember but you can't forget. I enjoyed all the subtle ironies and nuances. Reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song: "For Free'. Regards, snakeslane

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Wow thank you so much for the nice comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I am not familiar to that song, now I have to check it out!

wayne barrett profile image

wayne barrett 3 years ago from Clearwater Florida

Somehow I missed this one. This is great. Was this when you were here in Florida?

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Yes. One of my friends had a birthday party at Peir 60 and this happened.

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