Val-merde Plateau

such a perfect day

Among the plains of the Val merde plateau,
Lay haunting eloquent reeds of rhinestone rushes,
Further on from the tumbling tides of tiramisu,
Lived Eloise the elegant evangelist.

It had been ten turbulent tenures worth of teaching,
Had brought her bumbling boldly backwards towards the rift.

Solid eyes of saccharine solder, swiftly shining a welcome call
Should she at last take heed of the calling? Or defiantly ignore them all?

Alas for her sake the call was too strong,
Her heart ravaged by dexterous phrase,
Too long ago left as spent parcel on shelf
She answered her last lover’s first song.

Hell fire and brimstone took the day off,
To witness the meeting first hand,
Could there be any reason why the duel of the season,
Should fizzle like soda in the sand.

First round regally rapturous applause resplendant in virginal white,
Eloise our heroine extraordinaire had come for to love, not to fight.
Whilst Hannibal (not the cannibal) gave gifts of gelatine,
A wobbly procession it seemed,
As the elephants resplendent in tuba filled sighs,
Fulfilled all of Eloise’ dreams

So many enjoyed of the occasion,

a national day of rejoicing decreed,

as one can see from the resultant picture

a very good day off indeed.

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