Vampyre- A Song


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

V1     The fire inside is raging./ My skin is very cold./ My lips press against the flesh./ My hands grip for more./ My body is shaking from the inside out./ This hunger I cannot take./ Breathe unto me (Come save me)!/ Breathe unto me (Come break me!)

Ch     They call me monster./ They call me demon/ They call me a creature from the pits of Hell!/ They call me a freak./ They call me wicked./ i am the daughter of darkness!/ I am VamPYRE!!!

V2     The blood drips down my chin/ as I quench my bloodstained lust./ I can't live without the serum/ of my undying thirst./ My hunger, yes, it beckons/ and I obey its command./ Breathe unto me (Come hate me!)/ Breathe unto me (Come break me!)

Br     The vermillion liquid I crave/ stains my lust down to the core./ It drives me!/ It consumes me!/ I will live like this forever more! (Ch x3) 


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