Varian's Song - A Dragon's Revenge

Warning - This is somewhat graphic... If you have delicate sensibilities... leave now.

Varian's Song

Deep within the musky earth sleeps a dragon

slumbering throughout countless lifetimes.

He listens in dreams for what was broken,

cruelly taken from him in ancient times.


His only love, the brave Myrrion,

burned as a witch by an evil friar

one dawn as the dragon fed on carrion

robbing him of his hearts desire.


Friar Stephan had watched and waited

burning from Myrrion's rejection of him

until the dragon left feeding to be sated

as the sun broke through the night's dim.


That loathsome monk had the village

deceived into aiding his scheme.

Together they went to pillage

the good dragon's musky abode it would seem.


But it was not treasure that they were seeking.

Not in their own eyes you see.

But a witch to burn for hells own keeping.

For the dragon she was the only treasure had he.


A witch she had been and would always be

born of a crone who used a glamor to trap a king.

It had always been with love that she looked upon he.

She had been his all of her life from birthing.


He raised her from a girl child to one day be his wife.

Through the years she had grown in strength and cunning.

But on this day as she cast she did not see the knife,

did not know Stephan's lackey was behind her coming.


When the dragon returned that day from his weekly feeding

the cave was destroyed its walls covered in blood.

Myrrion had fought back but was dragged out bleeding

chained by the dragon's own metal through the mud.


She was burned to death for the Friar's scorn.

The bereft dragon, noble Varian Lefaye,

did what any lover would. Vengeance was born.

He burned the entire village that fateful day,


every man, woman, animal and child,

every house, barn, crop and tree

all but one, the one most reviled

for Friar Stephan a worse fate would be.


Upon his church Varian did reap

fiery retribution for wrongs done this day.

Nuns and priests ran for the village keep

only to roast as Varian hunted through the fray.


Finally when all that was did not remain

he saw what he desired most, that bastard Friar.

From killing him he would now abstain

for what he had in mind would be much more dire.


Swiftly he descended from thermal coils on high

straight for the fat, cowardly, racing priest.

Retribution fueled his descent. Revenge was nigh.

Never in his existence had he been a more compassionless beast.


He snagged the fat blob of flesh into razor sharp claws

and off he flew to the darkest mountain in the land,

where demon bandits worshiped Memnoch with gaping maws.

He would gift Stephan to the dark Lord's own ghastly band.


His descent took him into a scene straight out of hell.

Bodies of children hung from trees as demons gnawed on their bones

while yet others tossed the remains of men into a blood-soaked well.

Elves and fairies raped for sport released terrible groans.


Men too were sport for the horrid hoary beasts.

All gathered to watch the nightly games of torment before death.

Each died nightly but from Memnoch death would be no release.

Each dawn the captives were from him given new breath.


Varian's grief was so great the scene he beheld fazed him not at all

as he landed upon the edge of the frightful well.

To the dark Lord he bellowed out a dragon's unearthly call

and waited for audience with the master of this wretched hell.


Memnoch arose from an oozing boil upon the corrupt land,

acrid smoke billowing hot from the erupting rock.

Varian's vengeance upon the Friar was finally at hand

from this devil's bargain the friar's fate would be locked.


"Memnoch! A gift I bring to you this night.

A priest, to have as your pet evermore.

If only you swear to invade him daily with all of your might,

you may keep him forever as your own priestly paramour".


Cackling affirmation rose to Varian's ears

and with it he did take to the air

still hearing the friar screaming his fears

as the maniacal Memnoch was stripping him bare.


Varian to his musky cave returned

finally falling into an ageless sleep.

Acid tears from his eyes did flow and burn

through pain worn on in dreams his love he would keep.


Time crawled by and bits grew into ages.

The rise and fall of empires across the globe

the evolution of societies in stages.

Yet in sleep he listened ever to probe.


The lives of men spun out anew from the wheel of time.

He would wait an eternity for her to return.

Someday she would live anew. The bell of her birth again would chime.

This time he would keep her if the whole earth he had to burn.


Now in his musky dank cave buried under many a countless ruin

his eyes flew open as her soul screamed anew upon birth.

Myrrion was finally by the universe again made human.

He stretched atrophied limbs to fly to her out of the musky earth.

to be cont.





Rhonda Enrayne

Varian LeFaye  Art by: PurpleJ3nn
Varian LeFaye Art by: PurpleJ3nn

Biographical data:

Meet the Noble Dragon -

Sir Varian LeFaye

Varian is the guardian of the scrolls. Please be aware
he is always watching. He loves to read and can rummage through scrolls for decades on end. Sir Varian adores visitors and is an exceedingly good host... but be warned...

He likes to eat humans.

He only does so in three instances however.
The first is when he catches thieves. He has never missed one who was dumb enough to test him.

Secondly, noble Varian despises bullies of all varieties and therefore has no qualms about devouring them for snacks.

Lastly, Varian can and has on several occasions utterly decimated any and all who threaten his one and only true love, the Lady Myrrion.

Sir Varian lost his love in medieval times and had to wait centuries on end for her to return, reincarnated, to this plane of existence. Now she often goes by her given name in this life, Mia.

Amazingly, Lady Myrrion's soul remains much
unchanged in this life from her last life... she still lives
for Varian alone.

Varian was hatched in the year 974 b.c. He never knew his parents as they were killed defending the nest when he was hatching. He has mourned this fact and their loss his entire life.

Varian was found shortly after hatching by a wizened crone of Druid descent. She took care of him and raised him as if he were her own son which is largely why he is very comfortable around humans.

When growing up, he fed upon cattle and deer mostly. Upon the death of the crone who raised him, Druselda LaRaungette, who was stoned to death for being a witch, he ate his first humans. He ate every human associated with her death and decided that the world would be a much better place without some people.

As a result of this decision, he truly has no qualms about ridding the world of what he considers to be polluting elements to the collective gene pool, so please, mind your manners.

If you have any questions, please address Varian yourself. He loves long chats and intellectual discourses on a variety of subjects.

If you truly wish to gain his favor, look under the
pile of scrolls for his reading glasses and give them to him. He is forever loosing them.


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Inkwell780 profile image

Inkwell780 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH.

Great Introduction Poetvix. It is wise to give background to something as complex as this piece is. I believe you shouldn't worry what other people think but a good idea nonetheless on the warning. Keep it up Vix! From your humble follower Matt.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Awwwww Thanks bunches Matt... as always, you are too kind.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Ah- the noble dragon!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

I do love noble dragons :) May they live into eternity.

pan1974 profile image

pan1974 5 years ago from Columbus,Ga

That was beautiful, oh you are just my favorite hubber.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thanks Pan! :) Glad to see someone else who likes dragons around.

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