A Haiku: Vastitude

Freeze Frame (photograph by Vicki Parker)
Freeze Frame (photograph by Vicki Parker)

A Haiku by Vicki Parker

Catch a falling leaf

or still a drop of water ...

Breathe in vastitude!

This simple haiku was inspired by the concept of infinity. I couldn't really find the words to bring it to full fruition with iambic pentameter, so I settled for the "less is more" approach of a haiku.

Upon closer examination the eye will notice this photograph is upside down and time is actually reversed.

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alahiker28 profile image

alahiker28 4 years ago from the Deep South Author

Thanks Audrey. And thanks Readers Digest. When I tried to use vastitude in a sentence, I decided it was too worthy. It needed a peom instead !!!

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 4 years ago from California

Beautifully done!

alahiker28 profile image

alahiker28 5 years ago from the Deep South Author

Funny how the mind plays tricks on us : ) Thanks for commenting.

Zeikku 5 years ago

Fascinating! My mind never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed out. I was still thinking about infinity.

jOlshan profile image

jOlshan 5 years ago

Simply elegant.

Love it!

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