Victory in Defeat

*The sound of my heartbeat becomes troubling
*Just like the thoughts of bareness which I’m grappling
*Naked, from bone to soul I watch these days fade again
*As the hours drift and the memories go with the mist and the rain
*And the hours come crashing down, calling me to pick up the pieces
*Yet the trials of life keep on going on, and the pain, the suffering never seizes
*Forever and always my scars will remain badges of honor
*A reminder that I survived, barely, dead yet alive struck with horror
*So life tastes of nothing but steel, wooden, and moist mud
*And we are caused much pain then drowned with the flood
*Of human thoughts, desires, and selfless resentment
*And in the end there is nothing but bareness and emptiness
*And by the end of the fake horizon, life promises nothing but darkness
*Life is created with the light, yet the dark settles in every heart
*And you didn’t not skip the chance to tear mine apart!
*I’m running from the world
*From every single twisted word
*I’m through with the lies I’ve heard
*And I want to break the silence
*I want out of this madness
*I wanna run to find a place where I can hide
*Yet our tests were one heck of a ride
*And now that I saw it all crash
*Making a tsunami, in my life, in a flash
*I know that too much is eating me up inside
*I wanna run, die, live, cry, HIDE
*My thoughts are troubled and don’t make any sense
*As you have walked in and out of my life, all through my defense
*I knew I had to fall, crash and burn to the tyrant of love
*And you burned me like the sun does to the morning dove
*But you never saw my pain, heard my troubled thoughts
*And so I fought my pain, your instability the world’s wars

*You’re like a rock on top of my chest
*Like one bewildering mess of a test
*I’ve seen you rip a hole through my heart
*And I have seen it all from the start
*I’m burning, yet is that how it’s supposed to be?
*Why do I have to drown, why can’t I just flee
*Where is the best place to hide when you feel like me?
*In the end all these things I hate revolve around me!
*How come I feel the emptiness seep through?
*And I have to watch life as it loses its hue
*And now that I’m choking with those words of mine
*And everyone states that everything will turn out just fine
[A quest?]

*And thus I set out on my quest to undo my regrets
*To untie the intricate ties,& lies, life casts and its nets
*Heaven knows that I am eager, wanting to say goodbye
*As I hear the last of your promise’s echoes passing by
*No breath is left in me, as the shadows keep falling
*So say goodbye and let me fall, crashing
*Say Goodbye and let it be, a cast soul
*Drowned in the emptiness ready to fall
*Alone, at birth at death
*Living among dead flowers in stealth


dӑяК fцnЗral ððð

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Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 5 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

"No breath is left in me,

as the shadows keep falling

So say goodbye and let me fall"

I wish there is a music with this. You are amazing with the words, dear! No doubt about it.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon Author

Freya Cesare thanks for the comment, if i played an instrument i would have had some music written to fit the mood :D:D How are you doing there?

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

Sorry, I am not good enough in commenting about poem. I thought you are very talented. I am curious about you when I came to Freya hub. She adore you in her poem. Now, I got the answer about who you are. Thanks for being my fans. GOd bless you!


Uriel profile image

Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon Author


thanks for stopping by and commenting :D Yeh, Freya is a close friend :D really close , more like sisters :D And i really enjoyed your hub as well :"D

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