Vineyards Entreating

Inspired by my first arrival to Sonoma County, California

Never will I forget the drive
upon which day I arrived -

to your strands and strands
of Autumn hues -

stretched across my November blues.

Woven, weaving, willowing parades
of welcoming red and golden braids.

Stubbornly my sullen heart began to laugh -
as you gently pulled my glassy gloomy eyes
from my somber snare,
to adore your elegant rise.

Thank you, I said.
For your bidding came so warmly -
and irresistibly, my tears surrendered
to the calm and serenity
of savoring your splendor.

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mikeq107 5 years ago

If peotey was a meal you would be a five star gormet french bistro....your words melt like smooth choclate...Ok I cant spell lol..but I love your style!!!

Ok I`m of to bed..thank you again!!!!!:))))))))))

Mike ;0)

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 5 years ago from the heart Author

Mike, what a fun analogy! Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments!

Hope you are having sweet dreams!

P.S. Now I am hungry and particularly craving chocolate mousse! :)

mikeq107 5 years ago

:0) LOL

coconut concubine profile image

coconut concubine 4 years ago

"Woven, weaving, willowing parades

of welcoming red and golden braids" - Fantastic!

Your writing makes me warm inside :)

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 4 years ago from the heart Author

Thank you, CC! :)

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