A Virgin in the Tower

Bedtime Stories

Let fingertips massage aches or frustrations encountered through the day. Touch prefect parts in each bone so muscles unwind. Lay back into her precious chest as gentle firm hands support. Listen to a Virgin’story when she’s still trapped a palace tower. What are the chances of true love, seeming slipping by as if in the blink of an eye? Smooth sailing would once shine, scooping up shimming star hope on open waters. Will ultraviolet waves warm? Do we trust sunshine will hold the heart unburnt? It is like sipping on sparkling water when sailing is smooth and we can absorb warmth from the sun and sip from cool springs.

You’re tender now. Let the heart trust. Fear hid in corners of ventricles remains far away. Ripen feelings as blossoms willingly open. Follow clues from the zenith sun waiting to set colored whispers into clues of how to embody radiant starlight. Watch graceful dolphins play in approaching waves. May her story climb through stages of your heart.

This Virgin is left locked in the top of a fortified tower. Gallant knights could sense her loneliness as lengthened hair on her sunken head drifts like feathers around her elongated silhouette. She burns with a need to love and be loved. As the raven comes to accept her company and get fed some bread, her tears drop. How long must she remain a prisoner of the heart? Her desires remain forever righteous. She only wants to fulfill the glory which is hers as a woman. She has promised to wait, but the solitude of the tower drives her into secret madness. How many women know about getting so close to the ultimate love, until dropped by deceptions of lust or the greed of passion? Why must her dreams disintegrate? How can she feel so lonely? When will she sing again? Whether feather or lead, both fall and hit the ground at the same moment. The force of this gravity involves so much beyond comprehension. Rocks contain this heaviness, especially when trying to hold a large nugget of gold at arms length. The precious qualities of purity can, yet can she believe in a future or will deadening tolls of time collapse hope? She can’t seem to think of any positive thoughts.

What sensitive creature can last after viewing an evening star then letting dreams wander behind storm clouds? The planet Venus has motivated sensuous thoughts throughout the ages. Its light guides evening and morning wishes that fulfill hopes and needs. All who peer up can see the cradles of emotion point into arrows of satisfaction. Who will refuse the deepening mysteries of love when bright viewpoints supply every answer? Imaging the muscular body of a man hold her opens the soul to new found freedom. Ballerinas dance with ease. Wings lift to fairy palaces, full of wands that grant whispered wishes. She needs to be with that man who lets her grow and expand, whether like delicate orchids, fertile fields, matured fruit, or stable oaks in a forest. With the proper spouse she’ll explore hidden facets of her soul and sense security whether in joy or solace. When expressing her faith he shall hear her music and know that they’ll meet some day.

Let the Virgin share thoughts of her soul. “Tender Robin who use to greet me in the morning while collecting food for her chirping young ones, or nightingales who even now hears the depth of my grief, when will I fill my heart with his love? Will I dance through gardens again and befriend nature’s beauty? Forest, with the longevity of your march across sunlit prairies, can you find my lost soul wandering through this maze, stuck in a murky, mossy mire struggling to survive on the sap of my desire. I want to discover sweetened food from this human ecology. Or, will I be tossed ashore after safely storing my pearl in the deeper waters, praying my love will be found by a man able to dive with the breath of life? It is only for him that my shell willingly opens. Let buds of my heart add island fragrance as we share our personal paradise, arranging new colors, tastes, textures, smells, and sounds that guide lovers in the discovery of their treasures.

“Must I wait longer! Each day seems like years as I continue to age wondering of the love grandmother’s shared through generations of children. I need this now! I seek the very kiss that will give my youth back when I set all hearts aflame and filled shadows with warmth from my figure. Am I losing the radiance? Will he still want me if I’m older? Will he wait to find me? What if I no longer exhibit the blossoming beauty which young suitors give bouquets just to be close? Might he find that someone who is what I once was? Can time merge my fantasies with the future, making it all true? Let his hand uncover the starlight behind dark dreaded clouds. Can he look up with me as we see and feel the constellations of our love? I need to tell the sages about my story. Others must know what I am experiencing within this tower. Others must hold on to the pure heart that is worth as much as all of the gems or precious metals of Earth. This is where true value stems.”

As her tear continues to drift down the many stories of this tower, a full moon reflects glimmers of hope. He is somewhere. Kneading his heartbeat with hers, she knows their souls are together. If he can rescue her, she will experience and know eternal freedom.

By Scot Aaron

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