Visit India on $3.88 Million a Day! Part I

The fabulous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, in Mumbai.
The fabulous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, in Mumbai. | Source

OBAMA WORLD TRAVEL Inc. shows you the way to big India vacation savings!

What if you are an American, and you and your friends want to visit India ... but you can only scrape together $3.88 million a day? President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will show you how to have fun on such a small budget!

From November 6th through 9th, 2010, for four days and three nights, the Obamas took at least 1,400 of their closest friends - plus 200 U.S. corporate C.E.O. 'hangers-on' - to India for just $3.88 million dollars per day.

Now you and about 1,600 friends and family members can travel to India, just like America's First Family! Experience the same excitement, bewilderment and luxury accomodations as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama enjoy, while you delight in the travel savings that only the President and his entourage could have experienced until today! But now, OBAMA WORLD TRAVEL has cut out the 'middlemen' and we can pass along all of the savings to YOU ... and up to 1,600 of your favorite family members, friends, political supporters, hangers-on, servants, bodyguards and nameless acquaintances!

Your travel group is going to visit the mysterious, unique and magnificent destinations in oriental Mumbai (aka Bombay) and New Delhi, India. You and your friends, too, can delight to the exotic lands of the former British Raj. Best of all, every one of your 1,600 family and friends can stay in a 5-star hotel suite or room ... all for only 3.88 million dollars a day!

When a Teleconference (or a Secretary of State visit) isn't enough: Why not visit the Indian sub-continent?

You get all of this in your fantastic India Vacation Tour Package, sponsored by Obama World Travel! The expense for this heavenly four day and five night (includes two preceding days and nights to sweep all rooms and suites for 'bugs', bombs and poisons, of course) guided tour will include all of the luxuries listed below, for you and your 1,600 friends, family, political supporters, corporate C.E.O.s, body guards, fellow travelers, co-workers, personal care aides and nameless acquaintances:

(1) YOU and your family (or your "special someone") will stay in the 'Presidential Suite' at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, a 5-star lodging that is reputed to be the VERY FINEST of the over 350 hotels in the greater Mumbai metropolitan area! As Barack and Michelle Obama - and their children - stayed in the Presidential Suite during their November 6 - 9, 2010 vacation / trade mission to India! The cost for this classiest of bedroom suites, both for your group as it was Barack Obama's entourage, will be $7,000 per night - just $35,000 for 5 unforgettable nights! *

(2) Your most important friends, family, political supporters, etc., won't be forgotten - not by a long shot - and certainly not by Obama World Travel! There are another 44 suites available in the 5-star Taj Mahal Palace, that you can award to your closest friends, family, political supporters, etc. - and anyone else you want to "Wow!". For an average regular price of approximately $3,000 per night, per suite, you will surely impress your guests with your exquisite taste and elegance. "Wow", indeed! Just $660,000 for 5 nights!

(3) But, what about everyone else in your 1,600 person entourage? There are 521 other lodging rooms at the 5-star Taj Mahal Palace, and every last one of them is yours'! In fact, the six fine cuisine restaurants within the Taj Mahal Palace are all exclusively available to the 1,600 members of your travel party, during your fours days and five nights of adventure in Mumbai! Can we say, "Wow!". These rooms average $338 per night, per room, plus numerous taxes, but with your generous group discount you will only have to pay a total of ... $176,098 per night. So, all 521 of these hotel rooms, for five nights due to security precautions, are ... just $880,490 for 5 nights!

(4) Unfortunately, even with two persons to every room and suite, there will still be 466 friends, family, political supporters, etc., without rooms or suites, at the above -star lodgings. Tres terrible! Never fear, for we here at Obama World Travel have lined up 233 rooms at two other 5-star hotels in the Mumbai area! The 5-star Taj President Hotel has 133 rooms available, at a discount rate of $338 per room, per night. Finally, 200 of your least favorite, greedy (and boring) corporate Chief Executive Officers - plus everyone else's children and pets- can stay at the 5-star Taj Land's End! These rooms average only $315 per night, per double occupancy room, but our huge package savings ensure that these 233 rooms will save you plenty of money - just $382,270 for 5 nights!

(5) Of course, food and beverage costs can be hard to estimate, especially on a daily group basis in a country known for it's fine cuisine! (But, even in America, this can be hard to estimate. For example, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took private jet trips, at taxpayer expense, between Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA. Within this 2,441 mile flying distance, Speaker Pelosi - and up to 12 of her guests - could consume an average of about $500 per one-way trip, in fine foods and fine liquors, according to the U.S. Air Force. Meanwhile, the U.S. Air Force pilot and co-pilot, shared the same flights as Speaker Pelosi - except that they're up in the cockpit, of course - are consuming about $8 apiece in cold sandwiches, coffee and soda pop. Can you see what we mean by 'hard to estimate' food costs?) Anyway, assuming $100 a day, per person, for fine food and local beverages, is pretty typical for an elite group of American tourists. That's a mere cost of $160,000 per day for each group member - just $640,000 total for 4 days!

These White House staffers react to the news that they are all going to stay at 5-star hotels in Mumbai, India ... along with the President and First Lady !
These White House staffers react to the news that they are all going to stay at 5-star hotels in Mumbai, India ... along with the President and First Lady ! | Source

(6) To take your 1,600 guests from Washington, D.C. to Mumbai, India - a distance of 7,984 statute miles - will require a fleet of approximately 40 aircraft. Everything from smallish corporate jets that hold up to 10 - 13 passengers - for the 1,600 people that your group (just the same number as President Obama's contingent that flew to India and back, from November 6 - 9, 2010) to large Stratolifter Airlift planes that can haul five SUVs, limousines and full-size automobiles in each aircraft! Using the Speaker Pelosi airflight costs, from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, CA. - as obtained by Judicial Watch - equals a round-trip cost of $28,210.51 for Pelosi and up to a dozen other passengers. Mumbai, India (7,984 miles away from Washington, D.C.) is 3.27 times further away than is San Francisco, CA. (2,441 miles away from Washington), so a round-trip flight for 13 people to Mumbai should cost at least $28,210.51 x 3.27, or $92,248.37 in total. To transport all 1,600 adults, plus 45 large vehicles, plus miscellaneous equipment and teleprompters - plus numerous children and pets - will require approximately [123 + 5 + 6 + 6 =] 140 round-trip flights to Mumbai and back. This works out to - with your significant group discounts from Obama World Travel - to $11,346,549 + $461,241.85 + $553,490.22 + $553,490.22 = $12,914,771.00. That's right, just $12,914,771 (or about 12.9 million dollars) to fly 1,600 friends, family, political supporters, etc., ... plus vehicles, teleprompters, luggage, weapons, children and pets ... to and from Mumbai, India! It's all included in your discounted package savings!

Our giant airlift aircraft will safely transport all of your group's SUVs, limousines, teleprompters, luggage, weapons, mothers-in-law and pets to exotic Mumbai, India!
Our giant airlift aircraft will safely transport all of your group's SUVs, limousines, teleprompters, luggage, weapons, mothers-in-law and pets to exotic Mumbai, India! | Source

(7) Of course, what's a tour of a foreign land without your automobiles and SUVs? Rather than forcing our tour clients to rent shabby, overpriced rental vehicles - or pay outrageous rates to unscrupulous taxi drivers, who take you by the longest route to your many delightful Mumbai destinations! - we here at Obama World Travel have arranged to fly you and your guests' favorite vehicles to Mumbai, India. Using only the best Air Force-surplus Stratolifter and Starlifter aircraft, we will fly your armored and/or weaponized limousines, SUVs and luxury automobiles to Mumbai and have them waiting on the tarmac for your arrival! (We flew 45 vehicles to India for President Obama's 2010 package tour and - at 5 vehicles per flight - we were able to transport all 45 vehicles in only eighteen trans-oceanic flights.) Happily for your upscale guests, your 45 personal vehicles will be waiting for you in India and OWT will cover your ground travel expenses as part of the India tour package! Conservatively, we estimate each of these upscale vehicles will be traveling an average of 30 miles per day, for four days, with an average mileage cost (fuel, insurance, tolls, maintenance and depreciation) of $4.00 per mile. So, (30 miles x 4 days x $4.00/mile) x 45 vehicles = ... just $21,600 for ground transportation!

Let's summarize this great Indian adventure travel package:

You never before thought that you could afford a 5-star luxury vacation to India, did you? You never thought that you could afford a 5-star luxury vacation for 1,600 of your friends, families, political supporters, groupies, etc., for four days and five nights in India! But we here at OBAMA WORLD TRAVEL are happy to prove you wrong - and we are certain that you will be happy, too!

Your cost for this Indian get-away trip of a lifetime ... for you and a minimum of 1,600 guests ... will only be ... under $16 million dollars ...

that's right ... just $15,534,131 in total for this heavenly vacation trip to India (plus applicable taxes and fees)!

For just $15,534,131 ... that's only $3,883,532.70 per day ... for you (and 1,600 happy guests) to enjoy a luxury vacation in exotic India!

Don't wait!  Call OBAMA WORLD TRAVEL today! 

When money is no object, Obama vacations are the best!
When money is no object, Obama vacations are the best! | Source

THIS JUST IN: Obamas to Spend $200 Million a Day!!!

An Indian government official has announced that the Obama's Excellent Adventure to India will cost the United States taxpayer $200 Million a Day! Not the $3.88 Million a Day that I had conservatively estimated, in this article (what a difference that two days can make!) The government official also reports that the Obama delegation will bring along 3,000 Americans of every type and occupation. This is 1,400 people than I estimated in this very article!

$200 million a day? 3,000 Americans on this work-play vacation? YIKES!

To read my unique reaction to this stunning development, click this link here.

* Some numbers quoted above - numbers of hotel rooms, hotel room prices, numbers of aircraft, numbers of ground vehicles - have been obtained from credible internet news sites. (Links can be provided to those who don't know how to search the web.) The remaining figures were derived by logical estimates. Armed forces personnel and armed services' fixed expenses, for the President's November 6 - 9 trip, have not been included in the above figures. Finally, the final total expenditure of over $15 million, detailed above, is almost undoubtedly too low.

Author's Note: If the President had visited India's poltical leaders via teleconference (or by sending his Secretary of State to India, instead), rather than turning this India trip into an enormous exercise in group vacationing, he would have saved the American taxpayers over $15 million dollars. If we had used these funds to hire unemployed American citizens and paid them a wage $20,000 per year (about $10 per hour) ... WE COULD HAVE HIRED 777 UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS FOR THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS, for what we're wasting on this arguably insignificant trip to India.

POLL: Is money no obstacle for your family, too?

Should the American government spare no expense when our fatigued President needs a vacation?

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Danny 6 years ago

Since the FED's are independent from Our Government, why is it that their Cash (Not Backed by Gold) can't get jobs rolling in ?

Texasbeta 6 years ago

G- Obviously you are a moron.

I just saw this a moment ago- how is this for your bs?

Obama India Trip: President Announces $10 Billion In Trade Deals Supporting 50,000 U.S. Jobs

How does that measure out? It adds up a little more than the Republicans balance the budget with $150 billion in cuts while extending the Bush tax cuts which add on $4 trillion to the deficit. Any Republicans with a calculator? Anybody?

G. de los R.G. 6 years ago

The only way out of this is either to get them Indian citizenship and let them stay there or as soon as they return put them in jail for live and we can include Pelosi and Reed to keep them company

Texasbeta 6 years ago

Has any President NOT done foreign trips, particularly with an a growing economic empire that we can benefit from? He isn't taking his friends from college; he is taking Wal Mart, Citibank, and the like.

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