Wake The Sleeping Church

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Wake The Sleeping Church Author calls Christians to Action in Inspirational Commentary


Detroit - Nathaniel Stalling Jr. introduces his new book, Awaken O'Sleeper(now available through AuthorHouse), in which he identifies key issues and problems practicing Christians encounter today. He hopes to revive the spirit of the Church by clearly defining the Church's mission and how to carry it out. In this book, Stalling calls Christians to action on a variety of concerns surrounding the church, including the overlap in all areas of life and society, how Christians are defined, how others use these definitions, and divisions in denominations.

"This book will shake your complacency and help move you toward activism. Every time we allow someone else to define us we become more and more someone else," Stalling says.

One of the topics discussed is how the political arena uses the Church to their advantage in a chapter called "How Much Is Too Much?" In another chapter, he voices concern about the divisions between Churches of different denominations, stating that there are divisions in core beliefs including: baptism, communion, Christ's Resurrection and, grace.

A lack of sound teaching in many Churches is a major concern. "When you see so many so-called Christian groups stamping Jesus name on these heretical teachings that have become popular today, it makes me bristle with shame and burn with indignation", Stalling says. These strong feelings reflect his beliefs that these problems have gone on for too long and deserve an immediate, direct and firm response.

Stalling discusses relationships in all areas of life. He explains that Christians need to treat their relationship with Jesus Christ, their spouses, children,friends and co-workers with a fluid relativity and understand the connection. Additionally, he discusses the importance of knowing and understanding suffering.

"This book is intended for Christians who may have fallen down, but are not ashamed to get back up," Stalling says. "We need to renew our love, our commitment that we made when we first surrendered to Christ."


My next book is due out in the spring of 2010. It is entitled: SUMEE' AND TIPSTER. It is a children's book.


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Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

All the best to your book!

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 9 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you Kenny, and thanks for visiting.

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Fallen and not ashamed of getting back renew our love and commitment when we first surrendered to Christ..Powerful and true words if I ever heard any..I like your hub my dear..G-Ma :O)

Wehzo 9 years ago

Thank you again G-Ma Johnson. Your comments are very encouraging. I believe I enjoy giving and receiving on these open hubs, and it's people like you that make it worthwhile. God Bless You.

Peter M. Lopez profile image

Peter M. Lopez 9 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

I wish you and your book all the success in the world.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 9 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you Peter. You and your family have a Blessed New Year.

valencia apartment 8 years ago

All the best with the book and i hope this comment doesn't reach you too late. thanks.

Wehzo profile image

Wehzo 8 years ago from Detroit, MI Author

Thank you Valencia apartment, for your gracious blessing. It is not too late.

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