The elements of writing a short story are about the character, length, and origins of the subject matter the author is writing about. It can be fiction or nonfiction, and the author can choose the length of the story. All short stories have a narrative in which the author can choose how to speak with the reader and choose a character, settings, plot, or theme to show where in history it takes place. These tools are here for the author to use and it will give him or her a guiding hand on how to write a story.

    The narrative of the story is a way that the author can decide if they are talking in the first person, second person, or third person. In the first person, the author is telling the story to the reader in their view, and will begin with I did, or we did. The second person tells the story from the character's point of view of the plot of the story to the reader and in the third person the author can shift back between characters, while revealing what they are thinking about themselves or each other. Whatever the author chooses it will give the reader an inside look on how the author or character relates to the storyline.

     The point of view from the author to the reader is show how they feel about the character and his or her surroundings. This gives the reader a clue on what to look for toward when they start to read the story. If the author doesn't have a point of view he or she will loose their audience.

    A character is the link of a short story and the author needs to point out their traits to the reader. The author can describe the featurs of the character, temperment, or how they dress. This gives the reader someone to bond with during what adventure or termoil the character is exposed to. You want to create a character that will relate to your reader and give them a sense that their is someone out there who is going through the same thing they are going through.

    This why there are so many beloved characters in fiction, such as Joe, from Little Women written by Louisa Alcott. You relate to Joe because she is experiencing the same emotion termoil that alot of young women go through from childhood to adulthood. What about Huck Finn created by Mark Twain where young men can relate to be adventurous and have no fear of danger. I don't think there isn't a boy out there today who wouldn't mind taking a raft down the mississippi river or run away from following the rules. Louisa Alcott and Mark Twain created two characters to would help the reader relate to their own life.

    The setting of story is the surroundings of the character, which includes where they live and work. In the movie Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell the setting of their story is in New York City. A plot helps the reader get a better understanding of what happens to the character and it allows the audience to see what events happen or are played out in the story. The story of Sex and The City plays out on how four women, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte survive in love, life, and careers in New York City.

     The most important thing to remember is the theme of the short story. This gives a introduction to the reader on how the story will start and end. You want something that can help the audience relate to what is happening to them now or in the future. In the story Sex and The City the main theme is the close friendship of four women who depend on each other for moral support and guidance through their daily lives. In a way the theme will either make a short story appealing to the author's readers or give them a reason not to read it.

     So you need to concentrate on the theme that will capture the reader's attention and give the author something to work on. Writing the first draft of a short story is always the hard road to travel, but it will give the author the right tools to rewrite what needs to be corrected and than work on their final draft.

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