"Why Can't He Understand" - Poetry


"Why Can't He Understand"

He asks me to be honest
Yet, doesn't want to hear
The thoughts I have inside my mind
Create for him much fear.

How can I reassure him
I'm where I want to be?
If there were the slightest doubt
I'd take my soul and flee.

He just can't understand
I have a life to live.
Instead he shuts me out
Won't take what I have to give.

A Little History

"Why can't he understand" was written by my mother, date unknown; however, I can surmise that it must have been written after my parents’ divorce, when my mother was thrust into the world of dating.

If I had to surmise further, I believe this poem is predominantly about a Senator my mother sporadically dated over the course of time. I can recall her being so depressed at times, but I was just a child and could do nothing to make it better for her except let her know that I loved her.

I am sharing this with you because I believe that many women and men “bear the cross” of not being understood by their partners: be it boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and yes, even Senators.

In life it appears that we all try to please others by changing our lives to fit the mold our partner deems acceptable to their life; however, in the process we forget about our own. It becomes a vicious circle of happiness and tears. I wish we could find a way to break free from these restraints.

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