39 "Waiting for My Heaven"-(Poem)

Being seperated from the one you love.


Waiting for My Heaven


I left California and left my heaven behind,

I will wait for her, she’s all I want so I find.

I want the rest of my life with the one I love,

She was sent to me from the heavens above.

We will live the life we waited so long for,

Together our lives will be so much more.

With her I have my heaven on earth,

It’s been that way from our love’s birth.

There is no other heaven to compare,

No other’s life I would want to share.

In Colorado we will live our new life,

In time I will make my heaven my wife.


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shanaya profile image

shanaya 5 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

Dear Sir Gregas! You have written a very LOVELY Poem I must say. Do write more.


With Respect

from SHANAYA:)

gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Shanaya, Thank you so much for your comment. You have a way of making me feel like I have done something special. Greg

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Beautiful..no words..one can only hope for that kind of un failing love from another...


gregas profile image

gregas 5 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Sunnie, Thank you. She's a real inspiration in my life. Greg

KatrineDalMonte 4 years ago

Hello Greg, this is a very nice and tender poem full of love and longing. Voted up :-)

Rusticliving profile image

Rusticliving 4 years ago from California

Your Heaven is lucky to have found such a beautiful Rainbow! Beautiful poem Greg.

Voted Up!


Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

The eternal waiting in the poem is very beautiful. There is wonderful love and longing. Beautiful piece of writing.

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

gregas, beautiful poem,voted up

GClark profile image

GClark 4 years ago from United States

Lovely poem beautifully expressed. You are very fortunate to have found your soul mate. GClark

skye2day profile image

skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

gregas Beautiful words brother. I do pray by now your heaven has joined with you. Praise to God. Keep Him first place you will always be happy. I too am Colorado.

Wow I really like the picture. God Bless you N Heaven. She is a Blessed woman to have such love. U 2 keep on. Phil 4:13.

shalycriston profile image

shalycriston 4 years ago from USA

Very nice Poem. Thanks to share

Princess Prisca profile image

Princess Prisca 4 years ago from Heaven living on Earth

Lovely poem, I just love it!!! So romantic, while being so sweet at the same time. Nice job.

Ciao...Princess Prisca

gregas profile image

gregas 4 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Katherine, Thank you for the visit, comment and vote. We all have the love there, it's just that some have trouble or are incapable of show/expressing their feelings. Greg

Hi Rustic, Thank you for the visit, comment and vote. She's my Heaven alright. Greg

Hi Vinaya, Thank you for the visit and comment. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Greg

Hi Tobusiness, Thank you for the visit, comment and vote. Greg

Hi GClark, Thank you for the visit and comment. I do consider myself very fortunate. Greg

Hi Skye, Thank you for the the visit and comment and the prayer. No, she's not with me yet. She's still in Calif. taking care of her mom. When the time is right she will be here and I will be waiting. She is worth the wait. Greg

Hi Shaly, Thank you for the visit and comment. Greg

Hi Princess, Thank you for the visit and comment. Greg

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