Wake Me I Pray

Oh, how like so many people, only partially thawed to God's love for them.


Let the light of God's love warm your heart.

How thawed to God's love are you? What would it be like for you to suddenly awake to your eternal life? A sculptor tried to envision that in his sculpting of real people who died suddenly. Those statues are in a park in Falls Church, Virginia.

Some years ago I stopped by the Memorial Garden Park in Falls Church to meditate and pray.

When I entered the park which also serves as a cemetery, I noticed his statue of a young woman who was killed along with her parents in a traffic accident in Paris years before.

It was a January day and the fountains had been left on overnight coating her statue and others with ice. Half of the ice had melted in the warmth of a strong January sun, leaving her statue half coated and half free of ice.

To me that symbolized how many of us are only partially thawed to God's love for us.

I immediately went home for my camera and returned to take the photo, later writing two poems that were sequential on what I imagined that young woman might have said about her own "Self".

The resulting poems two of the few I have written which I can recite from memory. They have been published on HubPages.com . A comment I entered one of those Hubs recounts the strange event that led to the second of those poems.


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MsDora profile image

MsDora 10 months ago from The Caribbean

"Thawed to God's love" conjures up a powerful mental image. No separation. It goes with us wherever we go.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 10 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

MsDora - It was interesting that in this posted copy of the photo it is almost as if there is a halo atop her head! As with God, His love is omnipresent, and omnipotent. I am sure it is ours without asking, and there is nothing we can do on our own to "merit" His love. We are imperfect, unworthy, but He loves us anyway, for we are His children, and His only begotten Son is our savior who died with love for us in His sacred heart.

Almost all of my fruit trees are in blossom today! Spring is here and even the apple trees are in blossom. They are typically among the very last to blossom each year.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 10 months ago from Stillwater, OK

That's a powerful statement, which I really like. After all in order to be receptive, we must be able to receive the thought, which emulates thawing, in some cases.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 7 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

aviannovice - We are all here learning, having tests and trials which can lead us to greater truths as we progress in our mortality, Nothing in life is easy except love, and even love can be painful at times.

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