Wake Up And Go

The Best Way

Life is very challenging

Many times I have been thrown out of the ring

What I don't know

I make up in zing

Thank God I am here

Welcoming each new day with O.P.A.

Outrageous , positive , attitude

Giving it all I have

Where I come up short

I hope to grow

Watching everyone around me

Carefully observing

Already knowing

We are all deserving

Of a good life

One filled with endless joy

All we have to do is find a way

To tap into it every day

Each of us in our own unique way

Helping instead of hurting others

Pulling together

Two hands that make one

Always reaching

Striving for more

As each day blossoms

On it's own time

We are here to witness

Something so beautiful

When we are lost

Stuck in a bind

Give yourself some space

Life is not a race

Of who is the fastest

It is one of companionship and passion

When everything we try fails

A little humor goes along way

Close your eyes at night or whenever possible

Dream the impossible

One day that dream will be your reality

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jhamann profile image

jhamann 21 months ago from Reno NV

I just wrote OPA on my dry erase board on my fridge for the day. Thank you. Jamie

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 21 months ago

Michael, hello.

Great proposition.

Ideally we do 'deserve' great life;

practically we 'earn' great life we yearn after


carefully, very carefully building it up the best we can

life is giving us its best- dreaming the impossible

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DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 21 months ago Author

Jhamann During our lives many bad things can happen that we forget all the good that makes up 90% of every day, Taking a little bit of time enjoying people that make every day different and very special. Sometimes Thank you is never enough. So I deeply appreciate all your comments and support.Michael-Milec When two people share their thoughts together to make a new thought . Ideas are limitless. A feeling of warmth and satisfaction travels through my veins faster than a freight train.Thank you reading and understanding. I wish you both a wonderful night.

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