Walk Through the Woods

Walk Through the Woods

A walk through the woods,

Is never the same

Some days it is dry and crisp.

There is a snap and a crunch underfoot,

And a fragrant smell in the air.

The walk in the woods,

Is never the same

As the dew glistens on leaves.

The gushing sound of water coming off the hill

And the sunbeams dance down the stream.

The walk in the woods is never the same

As tall trees tower above,

I wonder how many tales they could tell

Of young, impetuous love.

A walk in the woods is never the same

As a dog jumps in the burn,

It prances about the shallow waters

Obviously having fun.

A walk in the woods is never the same,

But its often a change of pace,

Perhaps its a habit you need to reclaim,

To find that tranquil space.

Copyright Patricia Ann Ward 29/12/12

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

When I lived up north, a walk in the woods was always enjoyable for me and my family. Your words are healing and encouraging.

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