"Walks Alone"

She walks along,
A broken soul.
This world, this time,
this life, taking toll.
Everyday becomes more clear,
she has no clue what she's doing here.

She cries alone,
an empty hole.
Trying to find
the heart he stole.
But he's long dead and gone,
shes nothing to do but carry on.

So she walks alone,
a woman, strong.
She will find her way,
no matter how long.
Everyday she makes it through,
for the strength she found in you.

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Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas

Interesting. Your poem makes one stop and think! Good work!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Very nice again. Thanks for arranging these words just like this. Great stuff! Thanks

Jade_Orear profile image

Jade_Orear 6 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

well you must feel like me! i love ur poems! hahaha! yeah u know that old way ta end ur life, bathtub and a hot toaster? lmao! and that gurl is my close friends jewels, i just wanted ta put her in where she fit in! hahaha! well its awfull people like us can be such helpless romantics but somehow some way forgot'n like an orphan on christmas...

thinice13 profile image

thinice13 4 years ago from Colorado

Great poem, walking alone isn't what its cracked up to be however. Hopefully the woman figures that out.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

oh no its definitely no picnic to walk alone, but its something we all are faced with at some point. Finding ourselves along this journey called life.

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