-Watching the clock tick-


I can't make sense of time no more,

I watch the clock just ticking,

Time is moving faster,

The years just keep on slipping.

Time strips everything on earth,

Of it's youthful essence,

I'm at a point,

Where I can't stand,

Time's obnoxious presence.

Use your time,

That's not your time,

To the best that you can live,

Always keep an open heart,

And use your hands to give.

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3angelspower profile image

3angelspower 5 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

A wonderful advice.. Great way to express your thoughts...

Simply Soheila profile image

Simply Soheila 5 years ago

Great ending.

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Lets hope a lot of people read your great poem and react to the last lines.

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