Warring Bells Toll!

Warring Bells Toll!


Dearly beloved
who are gathered here
on this day...
Married to this man,
or this woman...who has
become engaged with war,
divorced from all civility,
as they annul life
for just causes,
separation seems endless,
and till death do us part
rings as true as the doorbell
that no one wishes to answer,
for it only bleeds alarm
when men in medals stand
with heads bowed
upon your doorstep.
We regret to inform you
that your spouse is no more,
your marriage made in heaven
is now at least halfway there.....
and all that is returned to you
are their last effects,
to wrap your arms around
and try to capture a tiny bit
of what was the love of your life,
now sacrificed to a freedom
you never asked for when
they were by your side.
If any one objects
to the union
as it stands this day
or the loss of this union
Speak now or
forever hold the pieces
of those sacrificed to this
latest effort for peace
You may now kiss the coffin,
as I pronounce you
widowed for life...
or man without a wife.
What God hath joined
let no man put asunder.
+ + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + +

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