Watching you burn


I watch you at night.

Your nightmares keep you awake.

They keep you from dreaming as your fears keep you from living.

You are so used to the pain you barely the realize the presence.

It's scary how comfortable you are with it.

I want to open you up and take away the pain.

But like a rose it takes time.

And you.

Will you let me in?

Will you let me waste my time?

Maybe it's wrong for me to dream of a better place for you .

Maybe it's wrong of me to love you enough to try.

The clouds are covering you now.

The storm is becoming real.

Don't let it take you from me.

I feel the rain now.

It is hitting my skin hard.

Harder than yo hit my heart.

I only wanted to help you.

The winds are rushing through us now, making this so much more real.

I am alive and I can feel you cry.

Your tears are setting the sky to flames and I am watching you burn.

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