Water Fragility

Doesn't water and technology mix...i heard that somewhere before,

The cellphone has left my wet ear...my hair drips of aquatic fullness,

The cell phone makes a funny noise...the LCD screens fade in and out,

I thought technology and water mix...why is my cell phone broke.

Doesn't water do well when entering elecctronics...i think it does,

The water is flowing into the house...why does the weather have to do this,

There are sparks coming from a hole in the wall next to the computer,

The computer and wall just caught fire...I thought water was a good thing.

So now I'm starting to think water doesn't go good with technology,

A little splash here...a little splash there...the power plant is failing,

The sparks are shooting twenty feet in the air...one last effort to run,

The water has swallowed the conduits whole...why does it do this...?

And so class now you see...when water touches a electrical source,

It fails to operate successfully...the.war of two atmospheres meeting,

Do I need to explain further...well thank you for listening so intently,

See you next year...welcome to the sixth grade.

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