Wave Upon Wave (poem)

Wave upon wave within my sleep

I reach out my hands toward the skies

Hoping wishing dreaming for some escape

From this endless meaningless misery


I’m taken up to the heavens

To enjoy all the best life has to give

Good fortune and labor have smiled

Here I sit on a throne others have fashioned

Looking down at some poor ants

I shed a tear as I watch one amble aimlessly


Wave upon wave within his sleep

He stretches forth his hands through vales of why

Devotion unswerving he feels something more

Beyond the drudgery of just one more day


She picks him up holding him close

Her heart speaks what words cannot say

Her eyes tell of fantasies waiting somewhere

And high in his cloud blanketed with love

He looks down upon his reflection

In a pool of tears of those not as happy as him


Wave upon wave within its sleep

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bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 21 months ago from Central Florida

I love the surprise ending in this, Martin. Beautiful!

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