Ways On How To Learn From Having A Writer’s Group


In the previous article, it was mention in one of the tips that you can learn from members joining writing workshops. Another way for you to improve your writing is by joining writing groups. This group is composed of writers that meet up to improve their writing. As a writer, it would also be nice if you can come up with your own group. In this article, I will be providing some tips on how members in the group would benefit to improve their writing.

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Meet once a week

As a member in the writers’ group, the members should meet once a week. This is to monitor each others progress when it comes to their writing. The meeting can last for a few hours so the members will have the time to discuss everything that needs to be discussed. Aside from that, it will require time to share ideas with each other. This is a good learning process since you will be improving your work through the help of others.

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Social benefit

Most of the time, we work alone for our writing project. Going out with fellow members of the writing group has social benefits. You get to socialize with other people while improving your work rather than working alone like a loner. You can also bond with people and friends who have the same interest as yours which is writing. You get to learn from other people through good communication and conversations.

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Writers share their ideas

Every member should have something to share. Each member can pair up to help each other out. Some ideas might come up from the other member that can improve the others skills in writing. Aside from that, the point of view of the other member is not the same with the one being coached on. On the others hand, while being coached at, the other member can also provide feedback to the work of the other to improve their writing as well. It is a give and take method in improving both parties’ skills in writing.

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Tips and tricks

Every writer has their own secrets up their sleeves because every writer is unique in their own way. They also have various styles and techniques when it comes to writing. For example, one writer is good when it comes to writing poems or novels while the other is an expert in making articles and stories. Everyone can learn from each other by providing helpful tips when it comes to writing certain genres.


Writing groups have a lot of benefits; the examples above are just some ways on how you can improve your writing. As a writer, you should be open with comments and feedback since these will help you out in the long run. Be positive in every helpful tip that will be provided to you. Make sure that you will take down everything that can improve your writing and try to apply it in your writing little by little. You will never know you might be one hell of a writer in the long run by learning from other writers. Soon you will be the one who will conduct workshops to help other people out when it comes to their writing.

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