Ways To Increase Your Writing Volume


Frustrated With Your Writing Speed?

People will often talk about, or try to discover, ways to improve their writing. Most of the time they are talking about grammar, building plot and suspense, "showing instead of telling" and just about everything under the sun to get them noticed and published.

A web content writer will try to find ways to improve conversion and SEO in their writing. Maybe they have questions about keyword research or finding the best places to make decent money with their submitted work.

Less often, however, do people address the need for a large volume of work to be written in order to make some decent money with their writing. Lots of people already have paying gigs but what keeps them from making good, instead of decent, money is their typing speed and the amount of work they can actually submit.

Learning To Type Faster

There are lots of places and ways to increase the speed of your typing. Asides from just going to a local community college and taking a typing class which may end up costing you a load of money why not just learn to type faster online?

I'm not a genius but I found the below video on YouTube with a simple "learn to type faster" search on their search bar. It looks like a pretty solid service. I am not an affiliate of the video maker or the featured online business that provides the service I just wanted to show how easy it was to find help online with just about anything!

Learn To Type Faster Online!

Or Just Speak!

There are lots of "speech to text" software applications available these days. Perhaps the best known is Dragon Naturally Speaking. Again, I am not an affiliate of DNS, either, but I do use it.

I can't say I prefer the act of speaking my words on to the computer screen over actually sitting down to type it out. I just don't feel like it's writing. Some people may actually prefer it though and once you have your software actually up and trained then you can actually pump a large number of articles in about an hour, depending on the size of the project and the amount of research needed.

Below is another video from YouTube showing a Dragon Naturally Speaking demo. Remember, I am not an affiliate.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Demo

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SEO IT! profile image

SEO IT! 5 years ago from Tucson, AZ

Nice hub. I have considered using speech to text, but I suspect I would have to do a lot of editing before it is done.

kmuise profile image

kmuise 5 years ago from Laurel, MD and Bedford, MA Author

Hi...Thanks for commenting. I have used DNS but "it just don't feel right". That being said...what it can do is amazing for someone who might feel comfy with it.

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