Ways to Let Your Words Out:Websites to Show Your Story

Ways to let your words out: Websites to show your stories

In everyone of us is a writer, in particular for this hub, a fiction writer. Everyone of us has imagines of worlds and lives that don’t exist. Everyone of us should put those worlds and lives on paper(either literally or by computer). For those that do (and who aren’t considering sending it off to become the next greatest writer in the known universe), there are ways of getting your hard work and imagination out for the world to see. It doesn’t have to be great or perfect. Most people who put their writing on the web aren’t great writers, but they like what they do. The purpose of writing is to enjoy and express yourself. Writing is for one’s soul.

Now you say, “I’m no where near finishing it,” or “Everyone else’s is better,” or “I can’t be original,” Let me give you two words, LIES EXCUSES. Really, those are just excuses. Think about it. If you had a kid, would you tell it to give up being whatever it wants to be just because of being afraid, scared, lazy? Of course not. The magic with these online “story sharers,” as I will call them, you don’t have to be finished when you sign up, you don’t have to be the best, and you don’t have to be original.

I just shocked you with the last one, didn’t I? I mean, an unoriginal story? It is the internet age, anything can happen.


Fanfiction: fanfiction.net

This is the realm for those of y’all. It is just perfect. Got a TV show you love? A movie? Anime? Manga? Game? Comic? Want to combine them? Perfect. Ever imagined a world where your favorite characters did different actions or even fell in love with you? Even better.

The point is that this site is great for creating your daydreams. The characters, background, and perfect audience are ready at the tips of your fingertips. The people who love the same things you do reading the same things about the same characters (just in different places, times, universes, and maybe even in different ways of acting. Hmm….I see the possibilities).

For the not being to write a whole story, this website lets you submit them in chapters. So no excuses, write about a page or so and put it up as a chapter. If you can’t write a single page (double spaced if you're extra lazy), then what can you write? (…What grade are you in?)

For those who need nudging, there’s the feature called comments. People can comment on each of your chapters which can serve as a confidence booster when they give you a nice comment or dejecters when they give you a nasty one. Good comments are like nice big hugs. Appreciate them. Also now, you can see where your viewers are coming from. A viewer from Bosnia? Awesome. A viewer from Malta? Where the heck is that? (It’s a country in Europe if your curious.)

The point is that with this website. You can do pretty much anything. Mary sues, Alternate Universes, etc.


FictionPress: fictionpress.com

Similar format as FanFiction, except now you can do original stories listed under certain categories. Write anything you want. The scary (They’ve got horror), the poetic (They’ve got their own section with sub-sections), or the steamy (Romance…and there’s the R rating…). You still get the nice or not so nice comments. Except now it’s like writing a real story! Practice for the future greatest author in the known universe?


Add and create your own original stories online. FREE. You’re basic sharing website, also get comments. SHARE.


QuillPill: http://twitter.com/Quillpill

Ok, so this isn’t online, but by phone. But in the generation of Iphones and texting, this isn’t that much of a big deal. Basically if you have twitter you can use this.

Simply, put down a few senteces. If you can tolerate the common result of texting;







Then you’re fine, but for me who's a little more tradition in communication, I prefer the old fashion way.

Anyways, you write a couple of sentences, a little more than a “tweet.” A few tweet may not add to much of a story, but a lot of tweets? That’s another story. (ha, get the pun? Story...ok fine.)

So if you can’t do this…go dig a hole and bury yourself. Sorry, go ask someone else to dig a hole for you.



If you want to publish or if you like a websites with lots of features, this is for you. There’s a link if you want to self-publish, contest to enter, quizzes, surveys, crosswords. If I didn’t see it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.

One side note, there is a free membership, but theirs is also some “higher” levels that require a fee. For the free, it pretty gets you the lowest level. There are some activites with other people on the site to get your creative juices flowing out. But if you want to try to write a book, you’re going to pay a little.


Now there are probably a lot more sites, but these are the ones that I found. Go spread your word to the world. If people are going to be spending hours surfing the web, might as well make it something intellectual stimulating (or atleast have words more than two syllables.)


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kaceybabe 6 years ago

i found this an interesting read :) many thanks for sharing! x

lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Interesting and informative and humurous. What more could one ask?

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