Wayshowers - A Poem


Wayshowers are seekers of wondrous things

Splendors savored from golden times long past

Ocular enchantment or ambrosia repast

Wayshowers are inquirers of knowledge it’s true

Taking up the gauntlet when decidedly stumped

Into the unfathomable without prompting they’ve jumped

Wayshowers are explorers of dark hidden places

Overturning each rock and rummaging the deepest recess

Probing relentlessly ‘til they triumph with success

Wayshowers are pioneers of ways less traveled

Tracking indelible footprints of foregone adepts

Simple markers left to brighten and guide their steps

Wayshowers are aspirants of highest attainment

Where all illumines the grandest creation of love

And naught can compare to hallowed heaven above

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