We Things (poem)

Let’s slip into the night

And wet our appetite

With things that just aren’t right

What thrills can we incite


A night to scare

What wasn’t there

It’s hardly fair

Look out beware


What thrills can we invite

Slipping into the night

To wet our appetite

We things that just aren’t right


To scare with flare

As people stare

We just don’t care

No time to spare

On jealous air

Look out beware


For our wet appetite

Is loose to plague the night

What thrills may we ignite

Just when you thought things right


Those unaware

That we are there

To slip into their night

They sense that things aren’t right

Declare despair

And then prepare

To wet your appetite

With thrills beyond delight

It just might scare

Look out beware


We settle into night

And feel at last all’s right

What thrill we did alight

To ease our appetite


For the night

Look out beware

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