The Weather

Not a thunderstorm. Not a typhoon.

I'm hiking in the hill.

Alone, with bread, a toast.

'The cold is awful'

I shiver, and quiver at my fingers tip.

Gesticulate like a tree.

And it's extremely hurt.

Though I’m depressed.

I smile and wave.

This, is my trip.

I'm a step closer to get it.

Though, it's too high.

I won't deny sometimes I cry

I rest for a while,

and walk again till I'm up high.

I smile with teary eyes.

Though I'm very cold covered with ice,

I'm still grateful even though it’s painful

and when this trip will end

this, and this, I will surely bend.

Copyright @2012 Lanzskie. All rights reserved.

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Joel Hadcan 5 years ago

Very nice and touching...

Lanzskie profile image

Lanzskie 5 years ago from Wales, United Kingdom Author

Thank you :)

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