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Being tasked to be a speaker and to deliver a speech in front of many people, sure is a tough assignment for some people. And my very own bestfriend isn't exempted on that phobia. We used to share our lives with each other for the past two years - it was never easy for us to have a unanimous answer about everything because we have different opinions, tastes, attitude, beliefs and preference but for certain we love and respect the differences of each other. Our unique personality compliments the other's weakness: I am the tough person, and she is the gentle one. At times when I am all worn out and is ready to explode, she's there with all her calmness telling me the loopwhole of the problem.

During their final exam, she was asked by their teacher to give a welcome address. I'm better at doing that, and was so inspired to make one for her! I'm not an expert on doing one but this is certified from the heart.


Good afternoon, to our beloved mentor, esteemed professors, colleagues, friends, fellow students, ladies & gentlemen. May I take this opportunity to welcome you all, and to extend further words of welcome to everyone here this afternoon.

I would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to all the participants who mustered a lot of courage in preparation for today and for our beloved teacher who made this whole affair possible. This afternoon marks this occasion - with the theme: Expressing oneself through Speech.

In line with that, I’d like to share a very memorable quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” So don’t be afraid to speak up even if you are not that articulate. I know it takes a lot, maybe tons of courage, enough courage, to voice out your opinion and express yourself. But courage doesn’t always roar, people. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, “I will try again tomorrow.” J

And with that, I once again, warmly welcome each one of you and wish that you not only learn as much as possible from this affair but also enjoy doing so. Good luck.

Thank you.

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askpanditji 4 years ago

it was really an interesting and informative article. pretty cool post! thanks for sharing this

Abhay"Awni " 4 years ago

nice for newer

4 years ago

thanks for posting your speech i was really inspired and it was very useful to my practicum

karthika 4 years ago

nice information you have mentioned above...

ako lang to 4 years ago

nice but i need more examples cause im a minor

4 years ago

Very useful

gomathikannan 4 years ago

its nice

savitha 4 years ago


vadivu 4 years ago

Interesting and useful

Thabitha Moses 4 years ago

its really useful.... thank u for helping me in my need... bt it need some more things in it

Thabitha Moses 4 years ago

its really useful.... thank u for helping me in my need... bt it need some more things in it

anjana 4 years ago


anjana 4 years ago


tata 4 years ago

well said : )

pavi,eure 3 years ago

nice nd fabullous

me:) 3 years ago

super tnx

DEEPA YAMINI 3 years ago


:) _josh_ 3 years ago

it help me a lot.. THANKS

anand 3 years ago


sevvanthi 3 years ago

nice information

chandni 3 years ago

thx it was a gr8 help

nandhini 3 years ago

nice its very useful

mhel 2 years ago

its great ive learn from it... i will try to make my own welcome of address now

marvelz 2 years ago


pyscho 2 years ago

this speech is awesome :-)

*from bws*

NIRANCHANA 2 years ago

Its so cute ma...... really

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