Welcome To My Muses Tool

Welcome to my muses tool.


Welcome to

my muses tool,
Oh, pen

please open,
some opium

for my mind,

to overcome

the opponents
of oppression,
overworked, overkill,
always open hearted,
open minded,

let opulence grace
my oratorical opus,
a musical flow
of optimum

not an obituary
to oblivion

but rather

that oooze
from the

organic compounds
of my outstretched thoughts.
an outlet for

my overdue
overthrow of

the mental blocks
that have

outraged me.
let each outburst
be outstanduing,
not outlandish,
so that I

may orchestrate

that astound
and be left

at the outcome.


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pbwriterchick 7 years ago

Oh! Brilliant! :)

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