Well She Didn't Break The Car


Turns out it wasn't broke...a camry's history of broken spark plugs and tire slips almost made it to the dump pile,
Who would have figured the car didn't reach it's maker...the engine falsely accused of destroying the cars integrity,
If someone didn't catch it...the bars from the jail cage would've shut all around it...the exterior would have been found wanting,
But she was found truthful...the cars values found in purity...the only issue found within a timing belt...history redefined.

Did she really break the car...the underside leaking that night from the mass loss of what was thought to be it's life...it's oil,
But it still hasn't been discovered...the poised notion of mysterious design of Toyota making...their superior engine recovery like a heart beating,
Take what you can from this madness...the fallout of ten thousand worlds was heard from the mouth of multiple sources,
Their talk of breaking the car...the transportation monster of epic proportions...drives from work and school and....whoop it farted...she didn't break it.

Have you seen that night you would've realized the lines it had crossed...the portraits of realistic thoughts floated through everyones minds,
Had it occurred on any other night not filled with life's indiscreet virility...a indirect hit to societies standards of car performance,
Talk of truthful indirections as the car had begun to make it's final stop...mechanical failures in sight of the quail hunt,
Well it didn't happen...she didn't break the car...and so life travels on...it's point of making found within string theory's of times way of telling the world...she really didn't break it.

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