What Is A Friend?

A friend is someone you can turn to

and not be judged by,

someone you can confide in

and trust whole heartedly.

Someone who is equally as close as a sister

and who is as warming as a mother.

Someone you can share all the good times with,

as well as the bad times that may come.

Someone who is there for you,

when all around has forgotten you.

Someone who is a lifeline at the end of the telephone.

Who will share a problem with you

and take time to help sort it out.

Someone who you can laugh with

and not laugh at.

Someone who you can spoil

but not expect anything back in return.

Someone who will look out for you,

when you are not strong enough to look out for yourself..

To protect you from outside influences,

and to tender your needs when you are ill.

Someone who is not afraid to give

and never expect to take from you.

Someone who will help you

in decisions that are confusing.

Someone who is not afraid

to receive a hug and a kiss,

and someone you can utter the words

"I love you"

and can understand the reasons of your actions.


Friends are those

with whom you will share everything with,

and give each other true respect.

Someone who is not afraid to speak their own mind.

I am one of the lucky one's

as I have a friend.

And I am even luckier to say

that I have a much needed

True friend.


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