What Is Love? IV

What Is Love? IV

Love is what love is

a passionate crime

the changes of people

through changes in time

Some grow together

The rest fall apart

the victims of forces

that murder the heart

Love is what love is

the frivolous flight

of eager encounters

of dreams in the night

Some soar to passion

on wings of desire

The rest rendered ashes

from volatile fire

Love is what love is

a chance to believe

the rantings of poets

and all they perceive

romantic endeavors

impossible dreams

or tears ever-flowing

creating new streams

Love is what love is

a wink of an eye

a promise of passion

a painful goodbye

Love is a concept

I don't comprehend

But all of its wonder

I live to defend

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rjsadowski profile image

rjsadowski 5 years ago

Still searching for love I see. Good luck. I found mine on "New Year's Eve"

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