What Is The Best Poem Would You Like Most?

A letter from my Niece

Among the poem she wrote I selected one to be my favorite among all, so I decided to post and share to all of you.

This is her letter to me:

Auntie Shehla,

Hope you'll treasure this simple note. This means a lot to me. My compositions had been my refuge. I consider writing poems as my consolating corner. This is my voice.

I pity myself so much because I can't spent time with you. I have to prioritize my study. In doing so, I have to devide my time, I hope you had a good time here in your home town.

I've so much to say, I want to tell you know how enjoyable life is, how unkind destiny sometimes is and how pitiful those people who lives in regret.

I maybe as timid as I am, daring as I seem to be and childish as I can be, but behind all this mask lies a very fragile and sentimental personality.

As much as possible, I would like to keep myself from being vocal. Auntie, I want you to bear in mind how precious my compositions are. These are my only treasure and thus I want you to keep this as a remembrance for you are one of those people whom I owe much. I hate to write with euphony because I know how people will regard heart warming messages but no matter what I have spent half of my lifetime composing this and I do hope you'll keep this as one of your treasures too.

So long and till then.....

With so much respect,


Jan. 30, 2002

Phoebe 180

The following Poems:









If You Think You're Love Is True!


Among the poems she wrote, I selected the above top ten among the rest, out of ten I choose one which is LOVING YOU

Thank's for visit, have a good day ahead.

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Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

another nice poem

phoebe180 7 years ago

auntie, i was astonished by your blog! I don't remember writing you with such intense emotion.waha!!! thanks for appreciating my compositions. yeah, i'm not pretty in that pic, ill send you a nice one! thanks you make me feel great today by seeing my poems posted. thanks for the inspirations!

sophieqd profile image

sophieqd 7 years ago

What Is The Best Poem Would You Like Most

ontheway profile image

ontheway 7 years ago

What Is The Best Poem Would You Like Most

Very good article, thank you to share, welcome to my space to see

shegarlynn profile image

shegarlynn 7 years ago from United States Author

Thanks Lgali, for reading my hubs, and my 2 fan...

Tess, a million thanks for guiding me here in this site, you inspired me to build my confidence, and to be a strong woman no matter what. he. he. he. naks naman...

Thanks Sophieqd, and ontheway for viewing my site......

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