What Is.....IT?

You won't see IT at first.....but you will see IT at last....?

Can you go over IT?

Can you go under IT?

Can you go through IT?

Can you stop IT?

Is IT happy? Is IT sad? Is IT good or is IT bad?

What should IT wear? Where should IT go? Does IT like sun or does IT like snow?

Would IT eat steak? And drink coffee and tea? Could IT have whiskas or glasses to see?

And what about pets? Like a dog, cat or fish? Do you think IT has dreams and hopes on a wish?

Will IT count stars as they shoot through the sky? Or maybe this IT has just passed you by?

Does IT see the glass as empty or full? Does IT cook cupcakes and stand on a stool?

Would IT mow IT's lawn on a hot summers day? Does IT love to sing IT's troubles away?

Now maybe, IT's green or orange or red? Will IT sleep on your roof - or under your bed?

Is IT that voice that you hear from afar? What would IT drive - a F100 or a car?

Does IT live free or be part of the zoo? Does IT like WD-40 or prefer super-glue?

Does IT use IT's manners? Does IT smile? Can IT cry? Does IT yell out loudly - would IT tell you a lie?

And has IT a heart that beats loud and strong? And has IT a brain, that knows right from wrong?

Is IT aware of the time ticking away? And has IT always got something to say?

Can IT count...on fingers and freckles and toes? Do you think IT has eyes and ears and a nose?

Is IT real...or is IT a dream?

Want to know what IT is..... IT .....is not what it seems.

A Lady Like

20th December, 2009.


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Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

I'm confused. Sorry.

A Lady Like 7 years ago

So am I? - I think IT is supposed to be ME! One of those nights that IT made sense at the time but no sense at all when read later!

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