What Love Had Made - Poem

A kaleidoscope of emotions 

I felt on that day

When the doctor informed me

You were on your way

I was stunned and in awe

To know deep inside

A baby was growing

And that baby was mine

Then fear rolled in

Like a cold mist

Would I be a good mother?

Could I really do this?

I watched every day

As my body changed

Then, I felt you move

And was never the same

The miracle of you, grew inside

And excitement replaced fear

The day grew close when I would finally see

The wonder that love made, my baby dear

And on that grand morning

So early, before light

I welcomed you, my little one

My daughter delight

Such joy was born

Such beauty and perfection

On that early morn

When I saw the reflection

Of what love had made

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pinkhawk profile image

pinkhawk 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

I could feel your overwhelming emotions in this poem... beautiful! ^_^

miss_jkim profile image

miss_jkim 5 years ago Author

Thank you Pinkhawk, a first child holds many special emontions.

savanahl profile image

savanahl 5 years ago

What a powerful poem about the most amazing miracle of life. Voted up.

miss_jkim profile image

miss_jkim 5 years ago Author

Thank you savanahl for your kind words and the vote up.

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