What Stems From Love Lost.

What Stems From Love Lost..

Thorns seldom lie,
they make their

points known.
just when you

think you have found,
a most perfect

blossom for your life,
trouble stems

from your passion,
and you bleed

from the grasping
of what you

thought was beauty.
This happens when

all that was lovely
turns out to be

just another painful
scar in a relationship

gone bad.




Mother's Day- 2007




Nerves exposed

like a bad hair day,
split ends skewed
in all directions.

Jittery fingers

Damitol sedatives
like Pez candy.

She dons a

heavy scarf
to hide her face,
as she slips into
the side door
of the local
abortion clinic.

Simply hoping

to silence a

smaller set

of nerves
festering in
her womb.


Sole Survivors.

They found them

in a crematory

in Buchenwald,
covered in gray ash,

exactly where he'd left them,
All that remained of

any trace of his life.

In the toes they found

two carefully folded photos,
one of his pretty wife,

and the other of his child.
Cherished images of

his entire life relegated
to a hiding place he

thought would be safe.
They were of course,

but sadly he was consumed.
They were given to his

grownup daughter and she framed
the old photos and planted

Forget-me-nots in his shoes.





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Micky Dee 6 years ago


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seasoning 6 years ago

some nice words, thankyou, once more for your poetry

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