Give monsters Holiday Gifts.

Created September, 13, 2010

. Give the towns people flashlights so they want be burning up the Frankenstein castle.

. Buy Egore motorized digging equipment so he want have to dig graves with a shovel.

. Buy the monster herbs like chamomile, and lavender to mix in his sweet tea so he will not go crazy ,and strangle little girls .

. Buy Doctor Frankenstein, the monster, and Egore computers so they can write Hubs instead of getting into trouble. They could earn money so they could have money , for more horror makeup to scare people .

. Give the monster a chopper with a side car so he , and Egore could cruise the country side with their Harley .

. Give the Frankenstein monster a new wind mill so that he can throw Dr. Frankenstein on it again.

. Teach the monster to have more patience with kids .

. Give Ego-re a new hump so he will look attractive to zombies when he sneaks into a cemetery to rob graves .

. Buy Doctor Frankenstein modern monster making equipment, and medical books to create more gruesome monsters .

. Invite Dracula, and the Wolf man to a barbeque , and serve them to the Frankenstein monster, and Egore. .

. Give the Frankenstein monster a free tour of the gas chamber so he will think twice about committing murder .

. Our daughter Becky said we should give the monster , and Easter basket .

. My wife Joann said , "Give the Frankenstein monster new nuts ,and bolts for his neck. "

. Give the monster boxes of wine, cheese, and crackers so that he ,and the old blind man can have a wonderful Christmas eating their home made baked snacks around their fireplace.

. Give the monster a bride that he can hug without getting hit , for it.

. Give the monster a bride that will melt in his arms like butter when he wants to hug.

. Give the monster decaffeinated coffee.

. Give the bride of Frankenstein a rape kit just in case the monster gets out of hand .


. Town people should invite the monster , and Egore to parties.

. A town person should bring a fruit basket to the monster ,and Egore for Christmas.

. Give a key to the city to Dr. Frankenstein .

. Town people should not blame Egore , or the monster for every murder.

. Pastors ,and local ministers should invite the monster , and Egore to sing in church quires.

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sligobay profile image

sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

What creative notions went into this Hub!! Glass jars to see the brains- new nuts and bolts- strangle proof necklaces- motorcycle with a sidecar- huchback wife for egor to have hunchback kids- and my very romantic image and favorite --" a bride that will melt in his arms like butter when he wants a kiss". You have a very creative and imaginative home and family. Cheers.

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State. Author

Dear sligobay : Glad that you liked the hub. Maybe a mail order bride would be helpful for the monster. God Bless you for droping in. Hope your day has been a swell one.

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