Talents - What are yours?

Costumes are one of my talents

From Nightmare Before Christmas - showing my costume talent.
From Nightmare Before Christmas - showing my costume talent. | Source

Morgan Freeman

As we were lying in bed watching "The Peoples Choice Awards" (yes I said lying in bed, I figure if I'm going to fall asleep watching TV I might as well be in bed) I started thinking about talent. Granted not every actor is really talented but some are so very talented. I have to say Morgan Freeman (he gave the definitions of icon when he won the Movie Icon Award) said it best, "If I represent something, here's what I hope it is," Freeman continued, "To all of you who were kind enough to vote for me, I hope I represent a working actor who is forever grateful for this honor." His definition of an icon is what makes him one.

Dictionary.com lists the definitions of talent as:

  1. a special natural ability or aptitude: a talent for drawing.
  2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent.
  3. a talented person: The cast includes many of the theater's major talents.
  4. a group of persons with special ability: an exhibition of watercolors by the local talent.
  5. Movies and Television . professional actors collectively,especially star performers.

So, What are your talents? We all have some. The easiest way for me to review talents is to start with my own.

Sweet William in My Garden

Gardening is one of my talents.
Gardening is one of my talents. | Source

Quotes About Talent

The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What's a sundial in the shade?”
― Benjamin Franklin

“Life is entrusted to man as a treasure which must not be squandered, as a talent which must be used well.” ― John Paul II

My Talents

Obviously I could eliminate number five without the blink of an eye. However, looking at number one gave me pause to think. "A special natural ability or aptitude," don't we all have that? We are all special ergo we must have a special natural ability. Easier said than figured out. Digging into my psyche I tried to find what my special natural ability was. I finally came up with the ability to really like and relate to people and animals. Don't laugh. There are a lot of people out there who like neither or just either. Think about it, don't you know people that no one really likes or people who don't like or can't get along with animals? Fortunately I'm not one of them. When I was younger my mother used to call me "Mrs. Anthony" (she was the equivalent of Dear Abby in the 30s or 40s.) All my friends used to come to me with their boyfriend/girlfriend problems or even problems they were having with their parents. When I went to work I was like a Dear Abby magnet, everyone talked to me about their problems. Maybe it's not that I'm a people person but a good listener and I don't pass on the information people tell me about themselves or maybe I am a Dear Abby magnet. Either way it is one of my talents. Confidentiality, good listening, a sympathetic ear...all people skills.

A Talent for Taking Photos

Talent for taking photos
Talent for taking photos | Source
A seagull walking in the hot sand.
A seagull walking in the hot sand. | Source

Other Talents

Of course I have other talents...I know where everything is in the refrigerator at any given moment. It may not seem important to you but when someone is looking for that last piece of cheese, I'm the one who knows where it is. Yet, I also have a talent for losing my glasses. I spend a lot of time searching for them and nine out of ten times they are where they belonged in the first place!

I'm sure my writing can be construed as a talent since not everyone can write, will write or likes to write. To those of us who do write it is a joy and a talent.

I'm a pretty good photographer too. I think my wandering imagination helps with writing and photography! I'm always saying that I wish I had my camera! I try to bring it with me as much as possible and I've gotten some reallty nice pictures. Of course I have thousands of pictures of grandchildren!

I once had a talent for singing and belonged to a folk group for over 30 years. Unfortunately age and smoking lowered my octaves for me. I can still carry a tune but the notes better not go too high. I do love to sing and love just about any type of music. Yes, those are talents too. Are you beginning to see your talents?

I can cook. I'm not a gourmet cook but I do make some darn good meals. I must, my kids keep coming home with their spouses and children to eat at my house (you're supposed to smile here). Remember, those who burn eggs really thing cooking is a talent!

What Are Your Talents?

I am a pretty good gardener too. I do very well with my gardens though I have a tendency to kill house plants. I also have a talent to make people laugh. I like to look at the brighter side of things and I'm not above making fun of myself when I do something shall we say, not ordinary or just plain stupid. Humor lightens the heart and often makes the day better so I'm always up for a laugh even if it's at my own expense.

I have a talent for making Halloween a blast with my Halloween costumes. Some totally made by me, some put together from store bought merchandise. The kids love to come and see my Halloween costumes!

Gee, I guess I have more talent than I gave myself credit for.

What about you? What are your talents? What are your natural talents? Have you developed a talent? Maybe you even have a talent that is not considered traditional? Your talent may be artistic or you may be a geek with super technical powers/talent. Are you a fashionista with a talent for picking the right clothing? Do you play the piano or guitar? What about your imagination or ability to judge people correctly? If you think about it I'm sure you'll realize you have more talents than you give yourself credit for.

I would love to have you add your talents along with your comments at the end of this hub. Please join in!

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What are your talents? Are you aware of them?

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Comments 30 comments

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Good morning, tillsontitan! It's 8:55 a.m./cst where I live.

Where are the other comments? A hub this good should have comments stacked to the roof. Im sincere. I voted up and away...Loved this work from start to finish. You, my New York friend, are an amazing, talented girl. That is obvious in your tone. I can sense a lot of self-confidence in your writing style. And I know Im right. Other people will see this too. I am very honored to support and FOLLOW you. I cordially invite you to tour my hubs and hopefully, they will give you a good laugh. I also extend that invitation to you to be one of my followers. That, tillsontitan, would blow my mind--some talented as you and from New York...wow. With my highest regards, Kenneth Avery/from Hamilton, a small, picturesque town in northwest Alabama that looks a lot like Mayberry, the sweet little town on the Andy Griffith Show. I will be looking for you.

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

Kenneth you blew my mind! Thank you for the kudos. You read this hub shortly after it was published. Let's see if it gets any more comments as the day goes on. I'm going to check out your profile and hubs right now.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Tillie....you got talent, I got talent...we ALL got talent...that's why we are Hubbers! I will say this though...I don't know if I'm talented enough to beat Ken's comment! Whoa...now there's an ego boost for ya, GF! and you DO deserve every word of it! I'll just cheat and say, "DITTO!" lol. Everyone has that special something that no one else has....I agree with you! Up & awesome.

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

You guys are making my head swell ;) Definitely Effie, we all got talent..that's what brings us together and makes us a unique bunch. Of course the fact that we recognize each other's special talent helps too. Thanks for the vote and the encouragement.

Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland

Great hub! I never thought I would have a talent. Obviously my writing could be seen as a talent. I've also noticed that one of my talents could be to be kind and friendly to people and respect them for what they are and believe in. I really need to think more about my possible talents. Thanks for making me think by writing this hub!

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

Thanks Made. I'm sure your talents are many!

JoshuaDR profile image

JoshuaDR 5 years ago from Charleston, SC

I enjoyed your hub. You seem to have a lot of talents. Myself... well I'm pretty good at getting places without using GPS =)

voted up and interesting

Rebecca Whitman 5 years ago

I really liked this hub, very helpful and fun for us followers to get to know you better.;)

I think my talents are many. I have a gift for seeing the good qualities in others and, to an extent, myself. I am a good listener, thoughtful giver, and friend.

As a writer and artist, I am very self-disciplined and have a vision for many things. I can do many different art forms and have a gift for learning new ways of doing art and of seeing new possibilities in materials (trash to treasure, old to new, etc.). I crochet, take pictures, paint, write, scrapbook, etc. Im learning something new every day.

profile image

Arlene V. Poma 5 years ago

What an entertaining Hub and something to ponder. I don't watch the awards shows, but I do dance away when my husband watches those weekly shows with the singers who are "judged". I don't think much about talent or what makes a person talented, but I do know gifted people also have these "kinks" you have to accept in exchange for the talent. My mom was a wannabe stage mother, so she'd dress me up (at 18 months) and make me sing in front of people at parties. They would throw money at me as I sang. I was always told it was a Filipino thing, but since then, I do appreciate anyone who is talented at anything. People never give themselves enough credit. I don't think too much of what I do. I just do what interests me and go from there. Voted up and everything else.

Sky9106 profile image

Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

Oh your name tillsontitan , and I also love to hear you call the mighty name of Mother. Bless.

My one and though jovial , but well recognized talent , is to spot Sincerity and Talent, and I am here to confirm my talent ,as I did when I commented to your hub , my first time reading, continued blessings dear lady, and keep up the great work.

A beautiful and well thought out piece of great writing.

Making it a great hub and the only place it should go os up!


Ronnie 5 years ago

Oh Mare,

You have done it once again, made me laugh made me smile and brought back so many memories of your talents. Like the time you and I were playing in your basement, and I was laughing so hard I was aiming the rubber suction cup arrow at you and it went right thru the basement window.

Keep your hubs coming. You forgot to mention one important talent and that is being my best friend for 58 yrs this month. God Bless your wonderful talent, God Bless my best friend tillsontian

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hello, Tillsontitan . . .now to gloat, but do I know talent, or what? Look at the sincere comments coming to you. That is the sign of a talented writer. Keep up the fantastic work. WE LOVE IT.


diogenes profile image

diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

I need you around here; I often find things in the fridge unknown to the consumer or mother nature. I can grasp most of them, occasionally, a mass nips my hand and escapes temporarilly.

Interesting and reflective article.

So many have great talents but lack what me old granpaw called "stickyosity." I ruefully admit to having - another of his sayings - become "An also ran," lacking, evidently, this needed trait.

Sorry granpaw, you mean old curmudgeon


profile image

Lesleysherwood 5 years ago

Mary, you have made me analyse myself. I'm good with people and animals like you are. I think if you like them everything else follows and I do like them. I love animals as everyone know already I think. I love the fridge, food and eating. I love watching TV. I'm really talented when it comes to procrastination. ha ha

On a serious note, I have a talent for caring for the elderly. I love and respect them so much and just want to be there for them.

Brilliant hub Mary, I really enjoyed it, especially the photo of you! It is you isn't it?

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Talented and beautiful, Mary. You are both, besides being witty and detail oriented. I love to make costumes too and I thought I was the only one who knew where everything is in the refrigerator. Hahaha. Hey, that mustard doesn't belong there!

PS Loved the photos.

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Great post..Thanks

rlaha profile image

rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

Wow! You are obviously extremely talented... one because you recognize your talents and two, because you wrote this hub :). I enjoyed reading all about it! Thank you for sharing. As for my talents, I listen to others and empathize with them, love making new friends (if you consider that a talent), love the piano and singing, and love writing :).

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

Joshua - that is definitely not one of my talents. I get lost if you turn me around ;)

Rebecca - "we all got talent", sounds like yours are numerous. Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment, loved it.

Arlene - how very interesting. Your comment gives a glimpse into your past as well as your talents! Of course thanks for the votes!

Sky - you are always so upbeat and positive. It must be a joy to know you.

Ronnie - in case no one has noticed, Ronnie & I are best friends for years. She always says good things about me in public :)

Kenneth - you are always there with the praise. Thank you for coming back to comment.

Bob - I think I need to come help you clean out your fridge! I have a feeling you've got plenty of "sticktoittiveness."

Lesley - you found what I wrote this article for...to make people stop and think about all the talents they have! (and yes the photo is me.)

Peg - I think the refrigerator thing is a woman thing ;) Thank you for the compliments. Glad you enjoyed this hub.

htodd - thanks for stopping by and reading.

rlaha - So glad you enjoyed reading this hub. Sounds like we share that 'people oriented' talent. My dad used to play the piano and I used to sing along with him.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hi, tillsontitan,

because I mean every word I type. My parents taught me early-on NOT to waste two things in life: Time. And Words. I think that Ive kept this part of my upbringing pretty decently. I very much enjoy YOUR hubs, personality and talent.

Sincerely, KENNETH

rlaha profile image

rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

Playing and singing at the same time are difficult for me, so what I do is I record my playing and then record a second track of me singing along with the piano :).

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

rlaha that's talent! Synchronizing the two can't be easy and being able to do both is definitely a talent.

Sky9106 profile image

Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

I forgot to say to you , can we not all now see the reason, why it's so much better to love and unite , look at these talents. Amazing.

Same humans, but different individuals.

Like Shakespeare all the worlds a stage. Great work!

Thanks tillsontitan.

rlaha profile image

rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

Thanks tillsontitan :)

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

Sky you are so right. We all need to love and share our talents. Thanks for the comment.

Rlaha you are most welcome!

profile image

iamaudraleigh 5 years ago

Wow...A little bit of therapy here to think about. Thank you for posting and allowing my mind to think about what I am good at! I am good at seeing things people miss, burping...lol, andmaking chicken-corde-en- bleu.

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

Not to mention your sense of humor Audra! Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment. Glad to get you thinking since your hub got me thinking!

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 5 years ago from Thailand

Funny hub on an interesting topic. I think that one of my natural talents is being happy 95% of the time and in turn making others happy.

Thanks for SHARING.

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York Author

So glad you enjoyed! Making others happy is a truly great talent.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 23 months ago from North Texas

You are so lucky to have the people skills because if you don't have those no one will care what other talents you may have. An excellent article to get people to thinking about their talents and how they might utilize them.

Voted up and interesting.

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 23 months ago from New York Author

I've always been a talker and listener...does that make sense? glad you liked my article. Everyone has talents if they will only stop and think about it.

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