What good is a writer.......Free verse

I reach downward to retrieve one stone
in turning it
to see the
reflection of the sun in
mica or are they but
attractants of
the stone itself
to catch the eye

to the sea
to the scattering
of sun lit bursts or is it
a million
mirrors floating on swells as if
cast like so many stones
from a reckless hand

I meet couples walking up the edge of the
salt water and they seem to have a purpose
rather than a reason
all in all they make me feel
all but alone as someone smiles
another turns away
and I am lost as to why

But why I must ask as if perhaps that
alone is our purpose
to ask why
and it's the same question
over and over
the stones by the millions
like poems or verse
what good is a stone
a verse or

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