What the most successful people do before Breakfast A book Review


It is definitely that time of year where reflecting and regrouping come into play. We start to ask ourselves what goals did we accomplish and what goals did we let slip through our grasp. Well I've been on a mission for several weeks looking for books, that will help remind me of what my ultimate goal is in life and help me to work on some of my many faults that include procrastination, over thinking, and loosing my direction at times.

As a mother of four one of my downfalls is mornings, there are so many things to do and there is not enough time. The first thing that seems to get kicked from my list is my work out. Finding the motivation to wake earlier would allow me to incorporate my workout back into my life.

That's what this short book by Laura Vanderkam is about, finding ways to do more before the rest of the world rolls out of bed. This is an enjoyable story because it lists numerous highly successful people who all have a very driven morning routine. There is also listed research that we are at our peak in the morning and this is a great time to add in activities that could mold the rest of our day.

Did this book motivate me? Well yes it did! I want to be more organized in the morning; I don't want to feel like some days I strap a rocket booster to my boys and launch them to the bus stop. She spoke of reading a book to your kids during breakfast, wow could it be possible? Spending thirty minutes meditating before you dress for work the list is endless.

This ideal of reinventing your morning is an exciting way to feel more accomplished and possibly get on your way to accomplishing goals verses feeling frustrated because you don't have time to pursue them.

The text was a quick audio book and it was full of great examples, documentations and it kept my attention until the end I really wanted more. The book made me want to look at the task I complete daily and figure out how I can be more productive.

This is also the first of many books I want to read about successful people. How can you possibly move to where you want to be in life if you’re not interviewing the successful people who are already there? When I was finishing my Bachelors I had so many successful people at my school and this is on different levels that I see as successful. I missed that sometimes, I want to go run through the halls and filter out more of the living motivation that keeps you on your toes and focused on the next goal on the list.

There are so many things I want to attempt before sunrise like jogging, writing, praying, taking a few minute just to reflect and be thankful. I'm done jumping out of bed running I want to swing my legs over the side and just exhale. Who's with me?

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SidKemp profile image

SidKemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

Thanks, Alice. This is good stuff to think about.

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks SidKemp it got me all motivated to try to do more with my time :)

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

Thank you for this review.

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Your welcome Mhatter99 Im so productive in my day job I want it to move over into every part of my life! Thanks for stopping by...

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