What Is Mine; A Book Review

In the postscript to Anne Holt’s mystery, What Is Mine, she mentions the true story that gave her the idea for her book. It was the Norwegian case of a man spending several years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. This is the basis for What Is Mine. While this is part of the story, it weaves throughout the book.

Adam Stubo is a Norwegian inspector looking for a person who murders children. He asks for the help of Johanne Vic. She has FBI profiler experience. She is looking into the case of Aksel Seir who spent several years in prison before being released for no apparent reason. The woman that handled the case originally is about to die and wants to know the truth.

This story moves between the two tales as it progresses as Stubo and Vic work to find the killer. It picks up another sub-plot of another murder, which melds into the story. This is a book with twists and turns that is satisfying in the end. Anne Holt is a skillful bestselling author in several countries.

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