"What's Your Muse?"

Muse Me

I dont know how it works for other writers, whether they have a muse or not, but the words generally, they just come to me. Sure we all write on what we know, and what we feel, and what we experience. I guess you could call those things our muse, or our inspiration. Sometimes, my friends inspire me to write, but its all basically how I feel on the subject. I dont know if there is a little angel that enters the room every now and then and puts the urge to write in my head. I dont know if there is such a thing. But the people around me and lifes obstacles, the world, everything is a cause to write. Theres so many different things out there, that make us stop and think, and wonder. We wonder, what if? Why? When? Who, what and where? And we cant forget, how? We all believe and think very differently, mainly because of how we were raised, where we grew up, and the things we've been through, but we've all been through something, and if we are able to write about it, it means we survived. We write to help ourselves deal with what happened, and hope maybe it can help someone else. That could be our muse. Our readers. I know I want people to read what I write, and let me know what they think, and I'd like to think that some of what I write will make a difference for the better. I'd like to think that people can relate, like when I hear songs on the radio, or wherever, theres so many of them I can relate to. The lyrics. and they help me cope with how I feel, and make me wonder. I just hope my poetry can reach an audience and do the same. Maybe, even be a muse to them. To write, or just to make them feel better about themselves, and know they are not alone.

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Roman Trend profile image

Roman Trend 6 years ago

I am beginning to get it now, maybe. A zero-sum-game? Or a win-win situation? You let yourself be inspired, and so in turn you may inspire others. Well said!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Nikki - you expressed it so very well. I think about prose & "compose" it, once an inspiration to write about something comes to me, but for the most part, poetry seems to write itself through my fingers. And it does serve a special need for oneself - and possibly for others.

When I was writing it off and on all day was during a very trying time of my life when who I really am was in real danger of being destroyed and me with it as a person.

But I wrote - (and it was safe to write poetry, unlike letters or other forms of self-expression) - and later I could go back and read it and "find" myself in it when it seemed to grow iffy in my situation.

Actually much of what I wrote was optimistic and observant - which is who I really am - and the smallest thing could inspire it - the patterns in a partialy frozen mudpuddle, a kaliedoscope's patterns, the sound of the trees across the road whispering secrets to each other, a fresh new day in which to simply BE. Occasionally they might reflect a sudden darker thought - and I recorded that too - as is right. All one's feelings are so valuable and vital to being ALIVE! But I let the "muse" - whatever it was/is - just have its way with me.

I strongly suspect that our muses are our own deepest awarenesses and connections with the universe from which we came.

I considered that Emily Dickinson was mine. Someone compared our poetry and things about our lives were somehow similar. I began to wonder if she were trying to tie up loose ends through me - LOL.

But anyway - many times since then - and it was 40 years aga, Nikki - those experiences and my intimate feel for them and touch with them have allowed me to reach out to others in similar situations and help them to find their own inspiration and release from what sometimes becomes destructive and imprisoning in life. So don't doubt that you do and will help others with your fine-tuned understanding.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

thanks u guys, nelli you are always optimistic and looking up. i like that about you. I try to be. I generally am, but i just get hurt alot like in relationships and such, its hard to keep from being depressed a lot. but I had an epiphipany recently to just burn all the bullshit i get and stay out of drama. and forgetting about those who are able to block me out of their life so easily. they dont care about me, why should i care about them? so im letting go of things i should have let go of a long time ago, and ive been in better moods. but moods change and tears still fall every now and then, but i write about it all and it makes me feel better. its all a muse to me. :)

Joshua Kell profile image

Joshua Kell 6 years ago from Arizona

Thanks Nikki.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Good girl, Nikki. It is a personal journey. One learns to steer the shoals and avoid the rocks and rapids enough to enjoy the smooth sailing and gratifying parts - and to look at the sunsets and stars as they keep reminding us of how miraculous life is! And WE are such an important part of it!

Those who simply don't "click" - well - they're on their own journey and may have other directions. We can wish them well and not miss what wasn't there for them. Our own feelings are no less precious and can be treasured anyway.

When we can no longer feel all our feelings, - we're no longer really alive. But we don't have to endure or entertain the hurts past their time.

They say we can feel joy to the depth we've experienced sorrow. So it has a purpose in one's life.

My optimism is real but it's not that my life has experienced nothing but fun and joy. There were some devastating things.

You're a really special person, Nikki - don't be discouraged.

blackreign2012 profile image

blackreign2012 6 years ago

I totally agree with the previous comment. Writing; creating period is a personal journey. It can be very cleansing. I find it to be. I have mentioned before how my writing feels like floodgates opening up inside my mind. So keep writing and producing great works like these ~hugs~

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

thanks again. I know nelli everyone has their own way of dealing with things and their own journeys to take. perhaps our writing can be a muse to them to keep them going. And we all go through the good and the bad in life, some people let the bad keep em down though. but not us. we will rise against! I wont be discouraged, and Im looking to better days. Life is too short to be pessimistic. and worry about things we have no control over.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

That's it, precisely. Do what you CAN, try to do the questionable, but recognize what is out of your control and let go of it. Plenty of things are within one's realm.

Soon the heart itself discovers the truth & value in loving who loves back, seeking only what is freely given and giving where it is wanted and reciprocated! And then the heart can love to love the others with a more agape love, wanting for them what they need & want for themselves even if it doesn't turn out to be oneself and honestly understanding that. One's own needs and preferences also gain more respect and attention in the process.

Roman Trend profile image

Roman Trend 6 years ago

In olden times, one did not take lightly to defeat or try to make lemonade out of lemons. Rather, if it was a political matter, the question would be: Does this conflict have a military solution? If a personal matter, one would find a witch to lay a curse on the bastard.

Not that I would recommend this course of action for you, Nikkij. In fact, I would rather prefer it if you keep writing as opposed to seeking more drastic venues.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

I am a modern and reasonable person, and i tend to just want the bastard to be happy lol. no matter how much Id like to curse him I am a good person. its best to just let go and walk away from people like that. and use what they have given, or not given me, as a muse to keep writing!

faeriemoonmama 6 years ago

I can totally relate to being touched by a muse or...something. I had that experience this past October. I felt something enter my writing space (for lack of a better analogy) and I wrote a complete first draft of a novel--around 50,000 words--in a month. I really felt the presence of the characters, it was weird. And yes, I know that sounds cuckoo, and no, I am not cuckoo. Thank you for sharing this, Nikki. Good to know I'm not the only one!

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

I dont think your cuckoo mama, theres so many unexplainable things that happen in this world. We are all a little crazy. but in a good way. whatever it is that inspired you to write, I hope that it inspires you again. and Im sure your novel will be a hit. Just keep being inspired, let whatever muse you have in, and keep writing.

poetlorraine 6 years ago

every time i read someone elses work, i feel inspired in some way, i will thinking about a muse for a few hours now. so many inspirations out there for us...... lovely poem thanks

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

if you like writing and you like music then you are my muse - and you give me good comments too!

Let's just expand your hubs and call them - hubdelicious!

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author


AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 4 years ago from California

I often read other's work to be inspired--it helps spark something in me ---I find that more helpful than waiting for inspiration to strike--great hub!

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

like i told cleaner in a comment earlier...inspiration has many forms, when it hits u just have to stop and follow it.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

I like this one a lot. Very kewel, I can't pick just one muse though. I like to rotate them around. Awsome hub. Nikki...Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

thank u blake! There are muses all around us. Inspiring us everyday to do what we love :)

cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Beautiful words Nicole

You are my MUSE.

As you know my poetry

is made of others words I use.

We have never met in person

But I feel I know you well

I am the ringer you are the hand

that can ring my bell

This is my favorite hub even though it isn't poetry.

Much Love


Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

The Muse in our life can be anyone. For me it has been usually the one I am in love with. But also sometimes the person I like from a distance or have a crush on, or admire for whatever reason.

You can never know if you are also someone else's muse without knowing it...

I know what inspires...and it is so special to see words written by someone just for us...

Each memory of a muse is like an old photo, we will always have them with us somehow...

I envy photographers who look through the lens of the camera and can see muses in potentially every photo,or every sketch of a painter...it makes us create...

This is a great hub. It makes me think .... :)

Thank you Nikki.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

Thanks Cathy. I wrote this as an answer to a question I believe Roman trend asked me. Glad you liked it. Sometimes all my wonderful hubber friends are my muse. Yall inspire me to write so Thank you!

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Wow, well you inspire everyone, Nikki. You have an amazing imagination. And someone with your imagination is born to be a writer, and using that creativity to do whatever you want...

Having a muse is important for a writer or poet or artist. But you know that, and that proves you are a writer, and poet. And more too, I think.

Can I confess that you inspire me lots too? :)

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

Confess away my dear :)

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space


As a writer, and a friend and as someone who loves being totally random... LOL. Plus other stuff. :P

I think it's the "what goes around, comes around" thing too. :)

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