What's all the Hubub, bub?

I found my niche

I have to tell you I am a member of many online writing groups and forums. A few of them are "for pay" and articles are picked up by publsihers and the writers are paid for their work.

I wandered into Hub pages only a few days ago...and I am hooked! I think it is a well run, More organized than most, and certainly supportive. Besides that, it's a blast!

So, let me see if I can create a hub based on hubs and hubbing! I already have a habit of leaving the comment "hubba hubba" on people's hubs that I like. Anyway, let's give this a whirl and see what happens...

Writers MUST write...
Writers MUST write...
Don't get discouraged
Don't get discouraged

What we think

For a writer, thoughts and ideas are constantly running through our minds. When we are on a "roll," things like slow computers and interruptions tend to, well, agitate us just a bit. When the creative juices flow, you have to MOVE. How many of us hasn't gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to jot something down, or sometimes even start a whole new article, or hub. I know I have. That is what is great about Hub Pages. There is so much you can do to add to your writing creativity.

Creative writing involves having the gift of writing, as well as training, dedication and practice. Hub pages offers everything but the talent, or gift. As I said, I belong to other sites, some for pay, but I have to admit, Hub pages is my favorite site. I can practice my skill, learn more things, add to the creativity, and have fun! Who could ask for more.

Anyone seriously thinking about writing, even if you are in the novice stages, you have come to the right place. If you have your talent, then study up, whether by book, or by viewing other writers work, or taking a class. Also, practice, practice, practice! Every one I know, who writes successfully, puts in HOURS and HOURS of practice, outlining, arranging and rearranging. There are many good books, and products out there to help you learn correct grammar, sentence structure, and creative writing skills. Utilize them. No one is born "Knowing it all."

"Excerps from a Creative Writing Class"

Taking a free or paid creative writing class can be fun as well as educational. Most creative writing teachers realize that to "teach" creativity, they have to be fun! Here is your Mini Creative Writing Course...

Go crazy!

Hubs are a great way to express yourself, and there are many ways in which to enrich your hub. Pictures, text, video...the possiblilities are endless. Have a little fun with them. Experiment. Check your rating occasionally to see if you are hitting or nearing the mark on your hubs.


Hub pages vs. Squidoo

I have to admit that as a whole, I enjoy the "experience" of hubpages better. From the building of the hub to the finish. I like experimenting with layouts in different ways and seeing if it makes a difference.

Why squidoo? Because I am fairly new at these sites and I have always been taught not to put all of my eggs into one basket. There are pro's and Con's to every site, and I am testing the water, so to speak.

I am trying to figure out how, on Hubpages, to create interlinking topics. I am not sure if I just keep adding to one hub, or make a different hub for each one. Whereas Squidoo, I have pretty much figured that out.

One thing I like about hub pages better is that they actually listen to feedback. I've been visiting the forums and it's nice to know that the powers that be listen, AND respond. On Squidoo, There are forums; many forums, but I am not convinced anyone is listening to the writers. Without the writers, is there a Squidoo?

So, for now, I write on both. I am giving ample time to consider the plus and minus of each site. I figure in 3 months, I will see what the stats are, how the advertising is going, and so forth.

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dsletten profile image

dsletten 8 years ago from United States

Fun Hub - and oh so true about writers needing to write!

Lissie profile image

Lissie 8 years ago from New Zealand

Yes create multiple hubs - add tags for your keywords and write at least 500 words - the more the better really. You can create interlinking topics a number of ways - you can add your hubs to a "group" a tag you set up e.g. Nebrasaka Travel - then at the bottom of each hub in the group you will see an arrow pointing on to the next one. The downside with this is that you can only add each hub to one group. Or use the link capsule and link to your relevant hubs - and other sites - I often title this "further reading" near the bottom of the hub.

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