America, our United States of America, was founded on grounds of freedom, diversity of opinions and fraternity . Our founding Fathers wanted and cherished a new Country away from the corrupted minds from mother England and its upper class and tyranny.

Our Pioneers paved the way to new generations that with perseverance and hard work built a Nation that even today is an example for other Countries.

But it has been a while, since something went astray and is not going in the right direction. You might say Politicians are the ones to blame, for making the wrong moves and... we are deeply immersed in probably the worst recession ever.

You might say is a sign of the times or probably God finally gave up on us? Some will think this is cyclical and we already have reached rock bottom. Have we?

Here are palpable and undeniable examples of what really happens all over The United States of America:


The numbers are clear, since December 2007 hiring has been in decline and is still a problem. As of October 2011, the Unemployment Rate has reached the 9.5%. But let's be practical here and go straight to the issue:

This are the times of the survival and might get worst than ever, for instance if someone is still holding on to a job, he/she will try to discourage other for taking over. Would you want another Freelancer to steal that 'break through' idea that could go viral? Would you Senior Manager, Engineer, Pharmacist, Officer, or even Congressman let a fool or newcomer learn your abilities or hidden shortcuts that made the difference between getting rid of you to a real successful Career?

The thing is simple and clear: we are slowly making our living ubereable. if we don't move the economy, all of us will sink inside this boat called America... Is no what you know...is who you know! Did I need to add more? Does that ring a bell?


Thankfully we were raised to be independent and capable of keep our family values to the test. Parents never went to school to become one. It's what you have in your heart and what has been backing you up for a truly succesful existence. Edison, Einstein and others were home schooled. Like we said, you are what you come from!

Many young kids don't have a self driven attitude. Most of them, unfortunately, have become just followers; If they are asked to join a riot, they will. If they feel like bullying the loner, they will. Obesity grows ten folded as the years pass... Girls 14 and up get pregnant and Chlamydia statistics are going viral among them. I'm not gonna blame X-box 360's or the newest app or your smart phone. You have your own choices in life.

Baby boomers would say, "Oh! the good old times are gone!", and is truth. A person with no family values will commit a crimein the blink of an eye.

And to their shame, TV news are plagued of negative reports with no sense at all. Kidnapping, rape, catastrophe.... but what about kids with Cancer? or Autism? or a graduate from school that made a cool app for our Iphone?


'Money is the root of all evil' and will always be. From the drug dealer, to the city council that gives preferences to its acquaintances on bribery, to our scort-service ladies, to our armament dealer, to our tough guys in prison. All are contributing to the annihilation of our morality and society as we knew it. Sure, you are still in welfare and need help and assistance. But a great amount of recipients don't even want to leave that stage of dependence. Don't blame them totally. If they were out of the workforce for over 6 to 12 months, most likely they will be kept that way by Employers.


There were times when a mechanic would fix your car for good. A car dealer was there to help you not to rob you legally. Lawyers? They get their 33% and up of any settlement. A visit to the dentist? another scam...depending if you have a good insurance.

How many potential Casey Anthony's we have around? How many death prostitues are missing near water shallows.

I'll give you a number: From 25 million party girls subtract 40%. That percent kept their values and made a life of their own. So we still have 15 millions out there to wreck havoc at any minute. Ever seen a girl texting and driving at 45 miles per hour on a superhighway?


An eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth. Years and centuries of paying back. From Biblical times to today's flash mobs! From the fall of Constantinople to the lobbying from Oil companies...! What goes around comes around. Empires were built, but also second or third generations never lived up to their predecessors. Have you ever see a Second Nobel prize in a family?


What kind of future you can expect from a druggie who never thinks positive or wants a better society? Hello guys out there. You hear me! I know is not of my business and I should move on, but is sad how we destroy ourselves.

Pilots, drivers, fishermen, or even the Scientist at any well known institute. You know who you are. I know you need it to keep you going. To keep America going.


And forgetting about Main st. USA. Is a shame how small towns in Midwest areas are ghost towns. Travel to Arkansas, Pennsylvania, even downtown Cleveland. Meanwhile, we help our allies from Israel to Karachi!, and to old members from the Warsaw Pact.


From the beginning, religion was separated from our Government. Many immigrants came with their own creed. Some held strong in their own community like Jews or Jehovah Witnesses. But the average American is non religious at all. Some even create his/her own belief. "Yeah!, Why should I give my tithes to pay for a pedophile priest's bail out?" says Martha, an ex Catholic from Queens NY. "This Pastor tried to kiss me in my mouth, after the service. How dare him!", say Amber from Hillside NJ. If you don't have a belief, then your own morality will succumb to that enemy within you, and your own reason to exist will lead you into that emptiness.


Laying off our teachers and leaving our future brains in despair. When was that they forgot to teach Geography! For god's sake Mr Bush, you didn't know where Iraq was?...Just an example! Why is that most Engineers at NASA are graduate brains from other countries? Or at Princeton, or at MIT?



It might appeal to others but the Internet is separating real and close relationships. Add the texting from our kids. Twittering is just as common having a coffee. What I mean to say is that real and palpable communication is fading away, Just like what TV did in the 70's


You would say we the people, we Americans are fine and... God will bless the USA, but if we could be able to go into the future and see our grown kids. I bet you, surely bet your life...that if you were able to see your grand kids in an unfair situation... you will be on your knees crying in despair for what we did in 2011 and never meant to get things better.

Your own blood with a different attitude toward life. How can we, baby boomers change these fresh minds that already have their minds and goals set? How can we be role models when we are actually doing the wrong thing? I feel sorry for my kid's kids and the future of our Country. Thanks.

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BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 5 years ago from New York

I firmly believe the 'love of money' is the root of all evil. America has replaced values it Used to hold dear, with the value of greed being the fore runner. Sad but true. The day and age of the religion called the ATM altar is upon us. Good hub.

Reena J 5 years ago

Bobbi, i agree with you strongly. All goes wrong when people give value to money than any other things...Persons leading USA has become the reason for these changes....

profile image

Nova Sky 5 years ago

Your last paragraph is especially important. I find myself struggling as a Christian and also an individual that follows and enjoys politics. Morally speaking, the US has not lived up to the rich heritage of our founding fathers and those that built the country. Whether you follow the left or the right side of the political spectrum, it would be difficult if not impossible to argue that the country is not the same country as in the late 1700's, or even the 1940's and 50's. So the question is whether God will continue to bless this country that has in many ways turned it's back on Him?

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Thanks NOVA. would you wanna comment on my hub: unexpected premonition? Thanks again...is a true story by the way! God bless!

Gregoryy profile image

Gregoryy 5 years ago

I once read a quote that said. Once a country turns its values away from god, and to the selfish values of man , that country will soon fall. Also saldy money may cause evil, but it is also are motivation.

Who would be your mechanic,who would build your house, who would cook, and create food, who would teach?? Without money many people would not work or do anyhing, becuase there would be no point/motivation.

Money can also be evil and a source of stress. The reason why some people don't get enough sleep and feel rushed every day is becuase they feel obligated to go to work, becuase if they dont go to work they know they wont have money, and then will not be able to buy anything or live well.

We have to keep in mind the only reason kids study, do work and want good grades in school is so they can go to a good college. The only reason they want to go to a good college is so they can get a good degree. The only reason they want a good degree is so they can get a good job, that pays a good amount of money. The students want lots of money, becuase they know with lots of money they can buy food,clothes,housing and cars etc they want.

If the stress of money was taken away many things may not get done,or would have to be induvidualy done however people would be more stress free,happier, health would increase etc.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Man!thanks for the long comment. You SAID IT ALL! How can we reverse this for good?


Gregoryy profile image

Gregoryy 5 years ago

You are welcome. The only way to reverse this is to start following morals mentioned in the bible, and the 10 commandments. We could also go back to a betering system, but many people would probally oppose it since money can be used to seperate people, and giving certain people power over others.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

This subject creates enough controversy already. Thanks Greg!

Gregoryy profile image

Gregoryy 5 years ago

You are welcome.

Spacekid profile image

Spacekid 5 years ago

people try to evolve, however barely even the most basic problems apparently aren't being fixed. People could have found many ways to solve these problems throught through technology, or just the simplest methods, yet they just think that everything needs alot of money, like for the cure of cancer, there are herbal medicines that aid in that department, there's even a device that had a history of curing it. So with all of this said...barely anyone cares anymore...this world will just stay chaotic...

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Spacekid, what do you think we can do? Since you are a sixteen yr old kid who maybe can visualize a way out...! our perspective as baby boomers might be by now..way up there, burnt out and perhaps out of phase, financially talking...

profile image

guardian3351 5 years ago

I'm with Spacekid. This state of madness is going to continue till people start taking responsibility for things the way they use to. It's funny everyone complains about things like gas prices, drug dealers in their neighborhoods, etc and yet these people usually are driving a giant gas guzzler, don't draw the line in the sand and say not in our neighborhood. Everyone wants the problem solved but unwilling to make the sacrifices. The differences back then was people were willing to do this. I'll give up a bit of authority over my child to the neighborhood and trust them to look out for them. I'll have my neighbors back when he/she makes a stand against the gang bangers coming in their neighborhood. Technology is great but it's moot if the wielders of it keep addressing symptoms of problems rather than digging to the root of the pattern

As for money it's not really money itself that's the problem, its the fact that money has become the definition of whether one is successful or not. There was a period when desiring a small house with a yard was simply a preference. Now if you say all you want is a decent size house with a simple spouse and kids and you're looked at like you're crazy. What's wrong with you. You're not thinking big enough. Simplicity has gone out the windows. Most blame the Baby Boomers for this, but we the following generation hasn't exactly been so simplicit ourselves. Personally I blame whoever it was who structured us into this credit style economy since it throws out the best simplicit mean of them all which is common sense which I have discovered isn't really so common

Who knows maybe some movement will happen and we're go back to where you can trade eggs or car repair skills in lieu of money as well as everyone taking responsibility for those in their community. Oh well it's nice to dream

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Guardian; I think the solution is so complex that we will need to go back to our roots as society, but that will be a wishful thinking, back to normal...and back to work monday. Thanks!


Debby Bruck profile image

Debby Bruck 5 years ago

Dear Lord de Cross. You covered a lot of ground in this one hub. Sounds like you have a lot to say, many opinions, life experience and doing some research. Thanks so much for speaking your mind. Blessings and hope for better times. Debby

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Dear Debbiee,

Was so sweet to have you giving your own opinion. The thing is so serious..that this problem will get the world carried away...like for instance: The ups and downs of the market; the ripple effect is instantaneous. It's called now Globalization... in all matters. Thanks for your interesting comment Debbie.


Debby Bruck profile image

Debby Bruck 5 years ago

The only way things will improve is with an honest evaluation of our methods of energy use and investment in the children. Most rulers - those in power - don't devote the resources to child development. They simply want to drug them into zombies and create conformity. All research and development should go into sustainable energy and stop raping the land and other countries. Simply put - start building infrastructure where each home is energy efficient using solar power, with mass transit and stop making wars. That's my say!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

There you go Debbie! best wishes in NC! If we continue as we go... God forbid! We will end in the hands of foreign investors. Talking to you China!

hema 5 years ago

good job.nice to know reality in America

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Thanks, Hema as is Gold, from Chennai... SHUKRIYAA!

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

Great observations here Lord, 1 up and useful =), my mind is still clouded by thoughts about the U.S., but I'm pretty sure something bad is really happening. Our American brothers and sisters are making noise. May God bless us and may God bless America.

PETER LUMETTA profile image


We're all resposible for letting this happen but with a caveate, the whole world is under the influence of the "profit at any cost" syndrom. Everything we do say hear or think is controled from the 1% elites who sell us the wars and the genetically modified foods and the self-destructing appliances. The Oil companies don't want renewable energy so we don't get renewable energy, the banks don't want the debts of the country paid off so we don't get the debt paid off, do you see a pattern here? The weapons makers don't want the wars to end so the wars never end! War is big business just ask Chaney.

All you have to do is stop and see who benefits from the stupid thing we do and there is our answer. It's not the Boomers or the X's or the Y's it's the ones who are always behind the rape and pillaging of the people and the planet, so stop beating yourself up and put the blame where it belongs. Time to go to the streets, Thanks,


Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Admiral and Peter,

There are things that won't be the same anymore. We didn't come to this world to witness the fall of our country. there was this Mechanical Engineer who discovered a way of replace Oil with Hydrogen, but he was offered a big amount of money and a green Card. All we know so far, he was from a third world country. About this drug problem...Is a big business and some dealers from the U.S. are selling weapons and sophisticated armament to these Gulf of Mexico Gangs. The profit is there to grab. Why our teachers are paid lower wages than any Manager, when they are supposed to teach our kids? The 99 percenters are there in N.Y. fighting a cause, but as You Peter state if we just stay home and do nothing, we won't save our Country. What do we really want for our grandchildren? You have the answer


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