"When A Writer Drops The Pen"

Writers seem to have one thing in common they love to write, it's a passion deep within their soul released through the ink of a pen. Obviously that is no new profound observation, but what happens in the mind of writer can tell a thousand tales.

Discouragement: Discouragement is a thorny brier that can trip you and hurt you by cutting deep. Your senses will tell you to put up that pen and paper, play computer games, watch tv, anything to release you from inspiration and numb your passion.

Defy discouragement: "Face that imposing thorny brier with chopping tools, keep cultivating your mind with knowledge." " Go ahead and submit that story, song, article or poetry." " Take some chances with no reservations; learning to celebrate the "no's" along with the "yes's." The true reward and fulfillment will be the pursuit of your God-given talent through the parchment of your passion.

Depression: It is a known fact that many great writers at times suffer depression.Some of the best of writers have endured extreme hardships and losses provoking them to deepened sorrow hard to cope. Some writers poor out their feeling in beautiful, artistic, deep-touching words while some drop the pen and wonder away from what they love best.

"See it for what it is!" "You can't impact or even change lives if you drop your pen!" Your mind may be telling you that you have lost the desire and have enveloped interests elsewhere. Defy those feeling with maybe a diary or writing small sayings. It may just take some exerting your emotions and pushing yourself to go against your feelings. Doing so you will be surprised how inspired and alive you start feeling. You'll start seeing those sleepless nights when you just can't turn off your mind as it pours out your inspiration. " Don't fight it write it!!!!" Depression can be completely beat through this if you just try.

"Take what in your life has caused you pain and translate it into a message of hope and understanding that a world of people may need to hear."

What are you going to do? We all know there is power in the written word, more valuable than audio or video archives. The written word can be passed from generation to generation.

" Pick up that pen!" "You are needed, your voice needs to be heard!" "Awake the sleeping giant within and dare to express your passions lost!"

http://hubpages.com/hub/10-Easy-Tips-To-Blast-Open-Writers-Block This will give you some ideas on ways to wake your inspiration.

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katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

i really enjoyed reading your hub. Well done singingmommy:)

lifewellspoken profile image

lifewellspoken 6 years ago from Vancouver BC

I have to agree with Kat, well done.

Keep them coming.

singingmommy profile image

singingmommy 6 years ago from OKLAHOMA Author

Thanks so much katrinasui and lifewellspoken.

profile image

wendy87 6 years ago

but i think for writers now internet is great place...like hubpages where a writer gets lot of encouragemment from people around the world....

singingmommy profile image

singingmommy 6 years ago from OKLAHOMA Author

True, the pen is a metaphor as well. We need to keep pecking those keys and making a difference:)

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

Thanks for that. I actually stressed if I can't get in some writing time. At least and hour and I feel like I've done something.

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